Periods & Planet: The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Menstrual Care

More than half of the world’s female population falls under the adolescent and adult ages. This means almost ¼ th of the world’s population requires/consumes menstrual hygiene products on a regular basis. A period is a natural bodily function; thus, menstrual hygiene products fall under the category of survival essentials for women. But these products over the […]

Can Travel Impact Periods

Before diving deep into the topic, let’s put it out there at the onset that the impact on your periods will depend on the distance that you travel. The further you travel from your home, the more effect on your period. If you love travelling, then planning a trip is half the fun sometimes. Then […]

Making Workplaces Period Friendly

I want to start this conversation with a question. Don’t you think the current work system, especially in India, is biased toward males? Now we have women in equal partnership at the workplaces. Has anything changed or adapted to the needs of women?   I am not here criticizing the work culture. It is okay […]

High and Low. Alcohol and Periods.

Who doesn’t like to sit with a glass of alcohol after a particularly stressful day and relax? Alcohol has that magical property of lowering your worries and enabling you to let go of them, even if for some time. That short window of time is your escape from the reality that is your life.  However, […]

Bra sizes – Ultimate guide to choosing the right fit and style

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels A perfect attire is not what you wear outside; it is equally about what you wear inside. The inner-wear plays a vital role in shaping up your features, great looks, and also comfort. It is also essential to choose the right inner-wear for correct posture.   This article is for the women who […]