Bra sizes – Ultimate guide to choosing the right fit and style

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A perfect attire is not what you wear outside; it is equally about what you wear inside. The inner-wear plays a vital role in shaping up your features, great looks, and also comfort. It is also essential to choose the right inner-wear for correct posture.  

This article is for the women who take of their bras as soon as they step inside their home. Should a bra be that uncomfortable that you don’t want to wear it? That should not be the case. It does not matter how expensive or well-made a bra is. If you are wearing a size too big or small, then it will never feel right. It might even cause aching shoulders, bust, and back.

A quick test to know if you are wearing the right sized bra; stand before the mirror after wearing your bra and look at yourself.  

1. If you see the creases in the cup and the breast doesn’t fit against the bottom of the cup, this means the cup size is big.
2. IIf you see the overspill of breasts on the top of the cup, or the breasts do not fit in the cup, or the underwire does not separate the breasts, then you’re wearing a size smaller.
3. If the back raises or the breasts creep from under the cups, the band size is big.
4. If the back of the bra cuts into your sides or under the breasts and hurts, then your band size is smaller.
5. If your shoulder straps keep sliding down, the bra straps are loose.
6. If the back strap rides up, then the bra straps are shortened. The way to determine the correct size is, you should be able to insert a finger or two between the bra straps snugly.

How to choose the right sized bra?

The right bra will enhance your appearance, while the wrong one can be embarrassing.

Some pointers to make you look sexy:

1. Make sure you get your measurements correct.
2. You are choosing the right style bra that suits your bust.
3. Find the right fit
4. Know your breast shape and then select.
5. The suitable fabric can offer outstanding comfort.
6. Comfort is the key; wear the bra you feel comfortable.

How to get the correct measurements for my bra?

1. Wound a measuring tape beneath your breasts and measure, and this is your band size. 
2. Wrap the measuring tape to the fullest part of your busts at nipple level, and this is your bust size.
3. Subtract the band size from the size of your busts, and it will give you your cup size.  
4. Each cup differs by one inch.
1″ = A cup
2″ = B cup
3″ = C cup
4″ = D cup
5″ = DD cup
6″ = DDD cup
7″ = F cup
8″ = G cup
9″ = H cup
10″ = I cup
11″ = J cup
12″ = K cup

In essential, your bra size is your band size and cup size.

Are there different styles of bras?

Yes, of course.  
Low coverage, medium coverage, full coverage, and to further dissect, there are T-shirt bras, full cup, push up, plunge, bralettes, and sports bras.

How to find the right fit for me?

While many of us have the exact bra sizes, the style might look different on each. For example, you picked the correct size, yet the straps keep slipping or peeping out. There are cases of gaping cups, bands riding up, or it may dig in or pinch.  

How to know which is the ideal fit for me?

1. Cups should be snug against the breast, and there should not be spill-outs of breasts or arms.  
2. Try the next size or slightly higher coverage when you wear a bra and feel like a double boob.
3. If you have a side spillage, try to adjust the strap or try the next size.
4. The common problem is the under boob. You have to tighten your band and check straps. Still, there is an issue trying the next size can be the solution.
5. In the case of gaping breasts, go for a different style.
6. Straps hold the breast in place. It should not slip or dig. If it does, try tightening the strap or do a cross-back.
7. In the case of bands riding high or low, increase the band size and go for one size bigger cups. 

How to choose a suitable fabric for my bra?

1. Bras come in various fabrics—silk, cotton, lace, satin. Opt for materials that are comfortable, breathable, stretchable. On occasions, you can choose exotic ones. But ensure the exotic ones are also comfortable to wear.
2. Comfort is the key but, ensure you look and feel sexy as well. 
3. Mostly we tend to wear bras for a longer duration because we are familiar. We know it is due for change; the bands stretched out, cups lost shape, and straps wore out.
4. Keep in mind a comfy bra will make you look chic. It improves your posture and makes your outfits look better on you.

Fill your lingerie drawer with bras you feel proud to wear and flattering. Fill it with bras that flatter you and do not restrict you. Wear an exotic one and team it with a negligee or wear a sports bra and shorts. It does not matter as long as you are comfortable and wearing the correct size.

Happy shopping!

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