5 Tips For a New Mom Coming Out of Lockdown!

Although there is no solid proof that Coronavirus affects pregnant women or new mothers worse than others, it does have significant theories of the transmission to a newborn via breastfeeding or even while the baby is still in the womb. Nevertheless, we’re sure it must be extremely scary and nerve-wracking for new mothers to step out with their babies after spending so much time in the safety of their homes!

To ease your discomfort and anxiety, here are 5 tips for new mothers stepping out for the first time with their little babies! 

  1. Hygiene and personal care: 

Let’s be honest, since Coronavirus rocked our world on its axis, good personal hygiene is the bare minimum we can do to keep ourselves and our babies safe and sound. 

Make sure to wash your hands with disinfectant soap or high-quality hand sanitiser (be careful not to use sanitisers with high quantities of alcohol) 

Wear a mask when interacting with anyone outside of your immediate household. Maintain at least 6 feet between you and anybody around you or from the outside. Be careful not to touch your face, eyes, or nose when you’re outside the safety of your home. 

     2. Use high-quality sanitary products and stay active:

Physical activity can be the best way to stay active – and you do not even need access to a gym for that! Something as simple as some low-intensity Yoga or Pilates, mild cardio, etc., just to keep your muscles strong and active, can do wonders not just for your physical but also for your mental health. 

Staying active even during your period has never been easier. That being said, staying active during your period is difficult when you’re not using comfortable sanitary products. Since you may or may not be breastfeeding as well, it is important to pay attention to every part of your body so that you can provide the best for your baby!

    3. Taking care of your mental health:

At a time so happy, the uncertainty of lockdown and the seemingly endless pandemic may come across as extremely off-putting, especially for new mothers who are already emotionally overwhelmed. Here is a little life you have brought into your lives with so much love and care, so the scariness of it all is obviously going to be alarming. 

Take this time to sit back and soak in all the new-mom glory! Spend your time with family members and friends that are mindful and make you and your baby happy! Enjoy your newborn days peacefully, but also don’t forget to do things for yourself – take help from anyone who offers to help with the baby from time to time, do an indulgent skincare routine, binge-watch your favourite movies, eat your favourite foods – you just birthed a human! You deserve some TLC too!

Be well-informed about your pre and postpartum check-ups… they’re not just for your baby. They’re for you too. 

    4. Breastfeeding and COVID-19:

Unfortunately, there are only so many precautions we can take against COVID-19, given the current state of the cases in our country. Now that the vaccines are out, you must prioritise yourself, not just for the sake of your own health but also because you are your baby’s world right now! All the important nutrients that your baby needs to build a strong immune system come from the antibodies in your breastmilk. As a result, contrary to popular belief, feeding your baby once you have contracted COVID yourself is still encouraged by medical practitioners. 

Wash your hands and wear a mask whenever you’re around your baby, and wash their hands/limbs before and after they come in contact with you – they might need you to feed them, but you can still pass the worse symptoms of COVID like fevers, chills, breathlessness, etc. through contact. 

If a mother is unable to breastfeed, she should be encouraged and supported to express her milk in order to feed her baby. 

    5. Talk to your doctor:

Going out for the first time post-lockdown may be tricky to navigate, so it is advised that you visit your general physician and your baby’s paediatrician.  While you may be taking all necessary precautions, it’s still important to pay heed to expert opinions and make sure that your and your baby’s health is not compromised in any manner. 

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Source link: https://www.bannerhealth.com/healthcareblog/advise-me/12-tips-for-welcoming-a-new-baby-during-covid-19

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