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Natural means Comfort!

cotton sanitary napkins

If you have no idea anything about cotton pads, you are going in the right direction as in the following post, you are going to learn everything about cotton pads.

These pads are breathable that helps to reduce thrush and allergies. Also, cotton sanitary napkins aid to lessen allergic reactions and thrush. Recyclable womanly sanitation items are not sterile even after their whiter-than-white looks. 

In reality, the synthetic materials and additives they consume produce moist microclimatic conditions in this dry, damp environment where bacteria and skin diseases such as thrush can normally develop.

If females experience pain issues such as thrush, pelvic inflammatory disease, or soreness, nurses and wellness professionals are generally recommended to use cotton underwear. 

But, without having thought about it, they almost always keep going to use their regular company of womanly sanitation products or panty liners made from synthetic and plastic additives.


Most individuals with skin allergies, pain, soreness, and scratching find their complaints exacerbated during their time due to the artificial existence of their selection of a menstrual hygiene item. 

Pads are smoother on the body:

Cloth pads are smoother on the body and allow for regular ventilation that can hopefully avoid thrush, vaginal rash, and associated issues. The initial leak-proof coating of cloth pad is made from a specific material that inhales and does not leak, offering you air circulation and additional protection.

Females have also sought creative ways to attract their regular guests. The answer was obvious: go back to the fundamentals. Much like the women's hair care of the first twentieth generation, Maxim Grooming items are crafted of 100 % pure renewable and organic material, offering no traces of toxic matter to the skin. 

Unlike synthetic materials, only 100 % natural breathable cotton can lessen the occurrence of discomfort and bring the product smoother, healthier, and more organic.

Discussions have often been on how fine pure cotton sanitary napkins are without chemicals and chlorine bleach, but they never think about how it works to use organic pads relative to non-organic ones. And there's a big disparity. 

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As for the experience of using organic cotton or synthetic fiber pads, the distinction is even more apparent now that individuals have finally begun to have reasonable discussions about clean and good hygiene sanitary pads. There are several benefits in the usage of cotton sanitary napkins, and below are mentioned some of them:


Organic cotton sanitary napkins are more breathable than those produced of artificial fabrics, allowing them a scar-free experience.  Daily sanitary pads have a lot of synthetic material and therefore can trigger skin discomfort and allergic responses. Pure cotton sanitary napkins include a breathable cellulose base that removes feminine liquid to maintain you clean and a lightweight natural cotton shield that enables your body to breathe while being natural cotton sanitary pads. 


Synthetic fiber pads comprise just a tiny fraction of cotton. Instead, some of them include no cotton at all, which is a sad joke altogether. To mimic the feel of cotton, they utilize materials with other characteristics. Most of all, these are not normal and can cause inflammation or allergic symptoms, such as rashes. 

As we can frequently see, pads from most popular brands in the industry are not the best for use. Once you reach the top of the sheet, you can notice that the 100% organic cotton sanitary pads are a little bumpy and not as smooth or clean.


There comes the biggest thing about the disparity among using organic cotton sanitary pads and synthetic pads: dryness. Paying particular attention to many females, dampness was more evident when using natural sanitary pads relative to artificial pads. It allows us to believe the pad isn't absorbent sufficiently. 


Yet this isn't that. If we say the finest organic sanitary pads are, then why the dampness? That's regardless of the essence of organic cotton in particular. The layer of a 100 % organic cotton pad cannot be punctured like artificial materials.

As we described previously, pads made of artificial fiber have a punctured layer. It absorbs somewhat quicker than pure cotton sheets, and the sensation is dry. And even if a pad consisting of natural cotton can handle a lot more liquid, some ladies can sense the urge to change it a bit more than artificial materials. It is all due to the feeling hot.

The usage of organic cotton sanitary napkins decreases the risk of some sort of tissue or other infection or discomfort. It's a big benefit not just for the skin, but also for the climate.

Thus, there are many benefits of cotton sanitary napkins.

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