Natural means Comfort!

In case you missed it, cotton pads are all the rage right now! And if you’re uninitiated, you’re headed in the right direction with LAIQA! 

Cotton pads aren’t just a sustainable trend right now, they’re becoming more popular because menstruators are realising the kind of comfort and safety they have been missing from using your average, commercial sanitary pads. 

Not only do cotton pads reduce the impact of sanitary waste on our environment, but they also help YOU! You will experience rash-free periods, little to no infections, and all-day comfort because of the natural fibers used to make these pads. If you experience any of the above, or more serious conditions like thrush, pelvic inflammatory disease, and other skin problems, we’re sure that even doctors would recommend you to switch to a more naturally derived alternative, as opposed to all the plastic and chemical-laden options offered in the market. 

Most people who experience such discomfort during their periods have more of a negative experience with menstruation than those who don’t – it’s obvious, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you be a little less irritated on your period if the ONE thing that’s supposed to be helping you and  making your life easier, was actually doing its job right?

Menstrual cups and tampons may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so sanitary pads automatically become the easiest option when it comes to choosing the right menstrual hygiene product for yourself. Unlike the synthetic and chemical components of average, commercial sanitary pads, cloth or cotton pads offer more comfort and breathability to make your period as easy as possible, while keeping your vagina safe and healthy! 

In today’s day and age, with the ongoing climate and environment crisis, it is necessary to go back to our roots – menstrual products that are good not just for you, but also for the earth seem like a fair way to start this journey towards a more sustainable world. 

Breathable cotton, organic fibers, and minimal plastic in sanitary pads help you deal with your flow without having to worry about leaks, rashes, or infections. The disparity between using natural-fibered pads vs. commercial pads is very noticeable, and once you become more informed about it, it becomes difficult to ignore the glaring problems with the currently available options. We promise you, you will not regret making this switch. 

The “cottony-soft” covers sold to you via commercial brands contain nearly 90% of just plastic and nasty chemicals – scary, right? The unparalleled breathability and comfort offered by cotton pads is something that should be a bare minimum for people who are already dealing with so much – bleeding, cramps, mood swings, weakness… Don’t you agree? Isn’t it about time periods got more comfortable?

Pads made of artificial components will last longer than cotton pads, but at what cost? The toll they take on the environment and our bodies doesn’t seem like it’s worth it in the bigger picture. The benefits of using cotton pads are tenfold in comparison to synthetic ones. So what are you waiting for? 

LAIQA Pads and Liners are all made of natural fibers, and come in 100% biodegradable packaging, which not only makes it gentler on the environment, but eases the stressors that accompany a period for you too! Switch to LAIQA and make the better decision! 

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