The Red Talk—Your Menstrual Cycle: 3 Luteal Phase Do’s & Don’ts

3 Luteal Phase Do’s & Don’ts

What’s the Luteal Phase?   Right after ovulation, your menstrual cycle enters the luteal phase (when your ovary releases an egg). It lasts for roughly 14 days and comes to an end when you start your period. The egg leaves the follicle and traverses the fallopian tube, where it may come into contact with sperm […]

The Red Talk: Your menstrual cycle: Follicular Phase: Dos & Donts’

  What is Follicular Phase? Your menstrual cycle begins with the follicular phase, and it’s the first half of your menstrual cycle. Your ovaries have sacs called follicles that accommodate an egg.  The follicles chosen for that particular month begin to mature throughout this phase of your cycle, and the first day of your menstruation […]

The Red Talk: Sleeping positions for period relief

Let’s just admit it, periods can be super annoying. Be it the constant irritation down there, the mood swings, no one has it easy. Plus there is the constant chore of changing your pads, and tampons, emptying your menstrual cups and the list goes on. No matter which menstrual product you use, the hassle of […]

The Red Talk: How to make your periods comfortable in winter?

How to make your periods comfortable in winter?

Periods, ugghhh! Don’t we all have a love-hate relationship with periods? On the one hand, we are relieved that hey! At least we aren’t pregnant and well everything down there is normal. But on the other hand, there is the hassle of dealing with everything that periods come with. The cramps, the mood swings, the […]

The Red Talk—Your Menstrual Cycle: 5 Do’s & Don’ts for Menstruation Phase

  A woman menstruates for about seven years on average during her lifetime. That is a lot of time spent dealing with cramps, physical aches, exhaustion, and other unpleasant feelings. Furthermore, inaccurate or incomplete information may considerably worsen certain days of the month for you. So, let’s discuss several do’s and don’ts that can assist […]