How to use a Pad?

If you are new to the period game, we understand how daunting it must be to figure out which pads to buy or even how to use them. We are here to help you navigate this tricky and new phase of your life with ease.

Sanitary pads are basically external-use-only period care products. They come with a sticky strip along the back, which is stuck onto the gusset of your underwear. Some pads have wings that can be stuck around the back of the gusset. Pads come in a range of different sizes, so don’t panic if you do not know which one will be perfect for you instantly.

Your pad should cover your whole crotch in order to avoid leaks or staining, so make sure you place it well on your underwear. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable and preferably dark-coloured underwear (just in case you have a messy situation!) You can use lighter, smaller pads for your flow during the day. Night pads are usually thicker and longer since you don’t frequently change pads at night, you sleep well!

It might take you a couple of cycles to get your products right, but once that happens, your period and taking care of it will get much easier! Make sure to always keep a back-up pad in your school bag/purse, just in case your period catches you off-guard or if you have a friend in need.

On an average, you should change your pads every 4-5 hours (depending on your flow, these changes could be more frequent during your heavy flow days.) For the nights, make sure you change your pad right before you get into bed and as soon as you get out of bed the next morning. Your night pads may be built to last 6-8 hours, but that still doesn’t eliminate the risk of leaks on rashes or infection.

For easy and clean disposal, keep some waste papers at hand whenever changing pads. You should wrap your pad in the waste paper and then throw it in the bin. Under no circumstances should you EVER flush a pad… trust me, it’s not a mess worth dealing with.

With LAIQA, you can experience the easiest period ever! Not only are our pads and liners made of high-quality natural fibres, but also come with individual disposal bags and 100% biodegradable packaging. Our pads are also chemical and fragrance-free, so you can have the most comfortable, rash-free period of your life! Choose LAIQA, and welcome a period of change into your life.


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