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How to use a Pad?

how to use a pad

Pads are often referred to as monthly hygiene and menstrual protection. You can find out how to use a pad correctly here!

Despite the fact that menstruation is still a taboo subject for many, it is time for you to take the step to erase that barrier. Learn more and give yourself the opportunity to experience new options to manage your menstrual bleeding and, in this way, collaborate with the planet. Learn here more about this product and also learn how to use a pad?

What is a sanitary pad?

Similar to diapers, sanitary pads absorb liquid, which collects the period blood. They are soft and have a shape that fits into the crotch of your underpants. So, you use it outside the vagina. 

Because the amount of menstrual bleeding varies, sanitary napkins come in different sizes. There are longer and shorter, thicker and thinner, as well as with and without “wings”. The “wings” are intended to attach the bandage to the underpants and offer a particularly good “leak protection”.

sanitary pads

The first single-use bandages appeared on the market in the United States in the 1890s. The single-use sanitary napkins were manufactured and sold by Johnson & Johnson, which initially sold the sanitary napkins to obstetricians and midwives as part of their obstetrical equipment. But Johnson & Johnson gave the bandages the worst name that could have been imagined: Lister's Towel Sanitary for Ladies.

 The product names were glossed over almost to the point of ridicule because the company wanted to avoid any direct mention of periods or menstrual blood. So basically, refused to address the basic needs that sanitary napkins should cover.

One of the booming topics is how women experience menstruation and how others see them. In this sense, new ways of managing our menstrual bleeding have appeared, which on the one hand leave less footprint on the environment, and on the other, allow us to approach this important part of our daily life. 

Avoid unpleasant surprises, here we teach you how to use a pad step-by-step.

How to use a pad?

Let us find out step-by-step guide on how to use a pad in the following:

how to use a sanitary pad?

Step 1: Choose the right sanitary pad:

All menstrual cycles are different and there is a sanitary pad indicated for each one. With this clear, the first thing you should do is choose the one that best suits yours. Remember that there are wingless, winged, thin, and extra-fine feminine towels, for moderate or heavy flow and those for day and night use. Take your time to choose the right one.

Step 2: Deploy it and remove the “Adhesive Covers”:

Once you have chosen your ideal sanitary pad, remove it from the packaging, unfold it, and remove the plastics that cover the stickers on its wings (in case the one you chose has wings). 

Also, detach the protector from the adhesive in the center of the pad. You cannot imagine how many women forget to remove it and how important it is to do it so that the feminine towel is well placed in your underwear.

Step 3: Put it in your underwear:

It is time to place the sanitary pad. Try to place it in the center of your panty. A good way to guide yourself is by taking as a reference to the fabric reinforcement that all underwear has in the area that covers the vagina. 

Make sure to glue the wings around your underwear, this will prevent the towel from moving. A good way to make sure is to pull your underwear up and see if it covers your entire pubis.

Step 4: Check your hygienic pad:

Once you have put on the sanitary pad, get on your underwear and check that it has been well placed. To do this, feel that part of your butt with both hands, so you will notice if it is centered.

how to dispose off a sanitary pad?

Step 5: Change your hygienic pad every time you require it:

Depending on the flow of your menstruation, you must be careful to change the sanitary napkin and avoid staining your clothes. Always carry additional feminine towels in your bag, in case the changes are very frequent. It is recommended to change the sanitary pad every 4 hours to avoid discomfort.

Remembering how to use a pad is something that every woman should do at least once in her life, it is very necessary! We are sure this guide on how to use a pad will be an informative and useful piece!

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