Pregnancy fears: When to worry and when not to?

It is pretty natural to feel excited and stressed during pregnancy. Some fear is genuine, and few can be baseless.   The body undergoes a roller-coaster of emotions, never the same. One moment you may feel utmost joy; the next, terror. However prepared we think we are when we see our body change, and we […]

What happens to your body when you “go commando” or stop wearing your underwear?

  For most of us, wearing underwear is a daily ritual, just like wearing dresses, and it isn’t easy to imagine life without wearing one.   Women prefer wearing comfortable, sexy, and colourful underwear, from shorts to thongs. Why do we wear underwear? Is it societal norms, or are we conditioned to wear them? Nowadays, women […]

PCOD and How to Identify It?

  It has become one of the major ailments that affect women of reproductive age. PCOD tends to affect early on and is accompanied by several symptoms, including irregular periods, lack of ovulation, abnormal weight gain, acne, excess body hair, and difficulty getting pregnant. Suppose you don’t start treatment of PCOD early. In that case, […]

What are STDs – Do you have one?

  Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – also referred to as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or Venereal Disease (VD), are passed on from one partner to another during sexual contact – could be vaginal, anal, or oral. Sometimes these do not present symptoms in the person carrying the microbes – asymptomatic.   STDs can also be […]

IUD- Boon or Bane

Among the many contraceptive devices in use today, IUD (Intrauterine device) (also known as IUCD- intrauterine contraceptive device) is used by women as a safe, long-term and reversible technique. Pregnancy does not happen as long as the device is in place. IUD removal is easy, and after removal, a pregnancy can occur. The insertion and […]

Emergency Contraceptives

Emergency Contraceptives (EC) or the morning-after pill, as they are more popularly known, can be a blessing, especially if you have unprotected sex. While they come in many forms, the function of an emergency contraceptive is to delay or disrupt your fertilization or ovulation, thus avoiding pregnancy. In the same vein, it is necessary to […]