Period Problems In The Age of COVID-19!


In 2020, the whole world came to a standstill, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic! The way we connected with people, worked at the office, interacted at school, engaged with outsiders etc, everything changed in the blink of an eye. While all these problems seemed superficial and we all slowly got used to the new normal, the massive uncertainty still crept in from time to time. 


As everyone found their rhythms being locked down in their houses, we started to relish and appreciate the small and routine happiness in our lives. The act of slowing down made us more grateful for the time we had at hand. However, it wasn’t long until a new set of problems cropped up for everyone. 


The stressors, whether external or internal, that came with the pandemic slowly began to take a toll on us. Isolation, sickness, spiking depression rates, unemployment, familial as well as monetary problems slowly crept in, and at some point, the pandemic began to feel never-ending for a lot of us. 


Being under this much stress will not only take a toll not only on our minds but also our physical health. For menstruators, the situation got even tougher – the stress took a toll on our cycles and physical symptoms like nobody’s business! Stress, in extreme conditions, activates certain hormonal changes in our bodies that promote the release of cortisol. Since cortisol is only released in fight-or-flight situations, the consistent stressors through the pandemic began to create hormonal imbalances – remember how everything was scary at one point? Going out, visiting a doctor, celebrating with your loved ones, even going to the pharmacy seemed like something you have to brave yourself through. 


Excessive cortisol levels can contribute to the suppression of normal levels of reproductive hormones, resulting in abnormal ovulation cycles, heavy periods, extreme fatigue, and more intense symptoms of PMS! All this contributed to the disruption of menstrual cycles during the pandemic.


Granted, each body responds to stress in different ways, but the realization of being able to do only so much during a pandemic settled in soon. We grew out of traditional molds of dealing with our periods and came up with something new – from figuring out a routine to exercising at home to online yoga lessons, to experimenting with natural food-related remedies since we had so much time at hand, somewhere along the way, we adapted to the “new normal” in a manner that worked for each of us in some way or the other. 


One more thing that changed about periods during the pandemic – was the most significant one. The slowing down of our fast-paced lives forced everyone to inspect their lives and their choices in a fine manner. The pandemic may have messed up our cycles and made our periods worse for a bit, but it also witnessed a surge in people taking the time to research alternative methods of dealing with all this – especially with menstrual hygiene products. The more that people spoke and researched about it, the more they made the sustainable switch to better period-care products.


With LAIQA’s pads and liners, we guarantee that you will have the safest and most comfortable period experience ever! Not only are our products the perfect choice to make a sustainable switch, but they also guarantee rash and irritation-free periods, since all our products are made of natural fibers that are chemical-free and hypoallergenic! Make the switch, and welcome a period of change. Promise, you won’t regret it. 


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