Have You Heard of Breakthrough Bleeding?

New term? Sounds unfamiliar, right? Believe us when we say, “breakthrough bleeding” is more common than you may assume. Have you ever noticed spotting when you aren’t even on your period? Maybe a light flow in the middle of 2 periods, or far from your next one? This is known as breakthrough bleeding. While bleeding between your periods is not really normal and can signify underlying issues like PCOS or Endometriosis in extreme cases, it isn’t entirely uncommon. 

Breakthrough bleeding, in most cases is either just a leftover flush from your period or a cause of some benign anatomical changes – could be stress, diet changes, early signs of pregnancy, etc. Breakthrough bleeding could also be caused by a change in contraceptive methods – some residual bleeding from the insertion of an IUD (Intrauterine Device) or a new Birth Control Pill/Cycle. 

Ovulation could also be one reason, as can being perimenopausal. Vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse could also lead to abrasions which may cause some light bleeding or spotting, which is why foreplay and lubrication are so important. Unfortunately, breakthrough bleeding is also a cause of more intense and dangerous things like a subchorionic hematoma during your pregnancy, non-cancerous growths on your uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, or cervix, or a recent termination of pregnancy. 

This may sound scary, but it is very important to recognize breakthrough bleeding as early as possible, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms like pain, abdominal cramping, difficulty or pain while passing urine or stools. Hopefully, the aforementioned reasons for breakthrough bleeding help you in identifying and differentiating between routine and benign spotting vs. other, more serious cases. If you think you know that something is wrong, but aren’t confident enough to figure out what it is by yourself, please spare yourself the horror of googling your symptoms and go straight to a trusted physician or gynecologist. 

While you may not be able to prevent breakthrough bleeding without finding out the root cause of it, you should be aware of it and its consequences. It could help you in the long run, should anything be seriously wrong.

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