Period symptoms, but no Periods! Should I be worried? Find out here.

It is a little annoying to a menstruator to not get the period even after experiencing all symptoms when you desperately want to get your periods on time. Your heart screams, “Wyyyyyyy?????” Well, we are here to answer your “Whyyyyyyy”, so next time you don’t scream in anguish or panic but rather in contentment.  Whether […]

Interesting facts on Menstruation. Check out how many you already know.

Information about periods is tough to come by, and periods always is surrounded by myths and mystery. Menstrual education is crucial, and all women are entitled to know more about the period. Unfortunately, we still find it difficult to talk about the period.  Here are some interesting facts about the period. You may smell a […]

Pregnancy fears: When to worry and when not to?

It is pretty natural to feel excited and stressed during pregnancy. Some fear is genuine, and few can be baseless.   The body undergoes a roller-coaster of emotions, never the same. One moment you may feel utmost joy; the next, terror. However prepared we think we are when we see our body change, and we […]

What happens to your body when you “go commando” or stop wearing your underwear?

  For most of us, wearing underwear is a daily ritual, just like wearing dresses, and it isn’t easy to imagine life without wearing one.   Women prefer wearing comfortable, sexy, and colourful underwear, from shorts to thongs. Why do we wear underwear? Is it societal norms, or are we conditioned to wear them? Nowadays, women […]

Periods and Movies

In most cases, things are portrayed in movies as we see them in real life or our society and vice versa. Menstruation has been perceived as taboo and shameful to acknowledge for a long time. In movies and TV shows, the media also have their fair share of responsibility in continuing this attitude towards periods. […]

Are you Menopausal? – A guide to identifying and walking you through.

With all life’s difficulties, females also have to deal with menopause at the middle of their lives. Menopause is a regular part of the ageing process in the female body.    A female body produces hormones such as estrogen and progesterone in the body. As we grow old, the production of these hormones reduces in […]

Period Exercises – What Works and What Doesn’t?

Menstruation is the most common phenomenon in a woman’s life. However, it can be messy and painful for some women due to the cramps. In that case, all you might want to do is lie down with a hot bag. You cannot even imagine moving your body to do routine activities, let alone doing any […]

PCOD and How to Identify It?

  It has become one of the major ailments that affect women of reproductive age. PCOD tends to affect early on and is accompanied by several symptoms, including irregular periods, lack of ovulation, abnormal weight gain, acne, excess body hair, and difficulty getting pregnant. Suppose you don’t start treatment of PCOD early. In that case, […]

Straighten the superstitions related to periods

  Going into the kitchen and cooking food is a big no during periods; why? We always get infamous advice related to the period, sex, and puberty. Have you ever come across strict instructions for eating, sleeping, and walking during periods? Have you ever questioned them?   Menstruation has always been enclosed by taboos and […]

Can Travel Impact Periods

Before diving deep into the topic, let’s put it out there at the onset that the impact on your periods will depend on the distance that you travel. The further you travel from your home, the more effect on your period. If you love travelling, then planning a trip is half the fun sometimes. Then […]