LAIQA Ultrathin Liners
LAIQA Panty Liners - Ultrathin - PL(20) | Buy Online
LAIQA Panty Liners - Ultrathin - PL(20) | Buy Online
LAIQA Panty Liners - Ultrathin - PL(20) | Buy Online

LAIQA Ultrathin Liners

(20 PL Soft Panty Liners)

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Ultra-Thin Panty Liners

LAIQA Ultrathin Panty Liners for Daily Discharges & period Spotting. For all you girls and ladies out there that do NOT want to experience a stained underwear and pants, we have you covered. Daily Discharges have a problem that women do not openly talk about and with that spotting before periods is also a phenomena that is as taboo as periods. To eradicate the complication behind daily discharges and spotting we launched our Ultra-thin Panty Liners. Show more.

  1. Ultra-Thin Panty Liner: Perfect For 1 Girl/Lady in the house.
  2. 150 MM | Daily Discharge Panty Liner| Daily Discharge/Spotting | 20 Units
  3. A Packs to battle your daily discharges for a month.
  4. Use for 6-8 Hours, giving a dry and clean vagina. No infections & No rashes! (NOT DURING HEAVY FLOW)
  5. Comforting you for a month’s Menstrual Cycle, daily discharge and no spotting.
  6. The liner that has a Breathable Back-sheet. No smell, no wetness !
  7. Made for India, for the hot and humid climate & naturally more flow of women.
  8. Biodegradable & Recyclable Packaging, giving the earth a much needed ‘breather’
  9. Cotton Based Sanitary Pad, ensuring a super soft, rash free, irritation free, natural period.
  10. Sanitary pads for teenagers | Sanitary pads for adults.
  11. Made with Premium Raw Material, Procured from the USA.

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