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LAIQA Rashfree Pads

(20L + 10XL Ultra Family)

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The Ultra Family

LAIQA Ultra Family- a perfect pack of natural sanitary pads has been curated post a survey of 500 Heavy Flow girls/ladies. What we found out was they surely do need a very thin pad that felt like nothing and nobody could see It but with an option that was comfortable and super absorbent. These are the best pads for heavy flow in India. They want another pad that they can use when at home, snuggled in bed and not willing to change for a while, in came the Cosy Pad/Night pad and we created this heavenly combination for you. IT WORKED OUT PERFECT, OUR USERS LOVED IT! Show more.

Snug comfort all day long - for Moderate Flow

  1. The Ultra Family : Perfect for 1 girl over a 2 month cycle.
  2. 315 MM/290MM| Night / Day| Size – XL / L | 30 Units
  3. The 3 packs that will ensure that you don't even feel your periods.
  4. Use for 6-8 Hours, giving OVERNIGHT security. No Leak, No Stain!
  5. Comforting you and your loved one for a month’s Menstrual Cycle. Giving 10% Discount on both packs!
  6. The pad that Guarantee’s no leak and stains, 4 wings, Super absorbent 7 Layer pad!
  7. Made for India, for the hot and humid climate & naturally more flow of women.
  8. Easy to Carry & Dispose. The disposable bag with every sanitary pad makes your period HASSLE FREE
  9. Biodegradable & Recyclable Packaging, giving the earth a much needed ‘breather’
  10. Cotton Based Sanitary Pad, ensuring a super soft, rash free, irritation free, natural period.
  11. Sanitary pads for teenagers | Sanitary pads for adults
  12. Made with Premium Raw Material, Procured from the USA.

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