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The Combo Pack

(10 L + 5 XL Cotton Pads)

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The Combo Pack

Made to cover you through your period and not to forget the Pack that is adored by our users (Family). We have constructed a pack that will cover you through your menstrual cycle, not only your periods your entire cycle. Spotting / Day Flow/ Night Flow, you have it all in one. Show more.

  1. The Family Pack – Perfect for 1 Girl/Lady in the house.
  2. Panty Liner | Ultra-thin Sanitary Pad | Cozy Fluff Sanitary pad. All come to you in a SINGLE PACK! | 17 Units
  3. Comforting you and your loved one for a month’s Menstrual Cycle. No other pack in our country does the same job!
  4. Stay healthy with The Combo Pack – Made for every type of flow, spotting, medium flow, heavy flow!
  5. Easy to Carry & Dispose. The disposable bag with every sanitary pad makes your period HASSLE FREE
  6. Biodegradable & Recyclable Packaging, giving the earth a much needed ‘breather’
  7. Cotton Based Sanitary Pad, ensuring a super soft, rash free, irritation free, natural period.
  8. Made with Premium Raw Material, Procured from the USA.

The Perfect Combo

Our Recommended
Assortment in 1 Pack* *After Careful Research & Surveys

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