Period Pack

LAIQA Period Kit

From period essentials to intimate hygiene, our Period kit has everything you need and best part it also has our Essential Oils Roll-on for instant cramp relief during periods

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Period Cramp Relief…


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LAIQA Rash Free Sanitary Pads: Made from natural fibres, these cosy and comfy sanitary pads are good for you and the planet - 100% free of allergens, chemicals and toxins, for a rash-free and comfortable night’s sleep on your period.


LAIQA Cramp Relief Period Roll On: With the healing properties of essential oils known to instantly aid with cramp relief, a cooling effect from eucalyptus and menthol oil, and the therapeutic goodness of rosemary and lavender oil. A period care must-have!


LAIQA Foaming Intimate Wash: Formulated with natural ingredients derived from calendula flower extract, witch hazel extract, chamomile floral water, tea tree oil, and allantoin. Made with only 5 ingredients, without harmful irritants and unnecessary fragrances. Easy Application- Easy pump applicator dispenses light, foaming wash. Perfect addition to your daily self-care.


30 Units of Rash Free Cottony Pads, 1 Pump Bottle of Foaming Intimate Wash (100 ML), 1 Bottle of Cramp Relief roll-on (8ML))


LAIQA pads are made from natural fibers and are super soft and absorbent. Keeps you secure from leaks and stains - with 4 ultra-wide wings and 9 unique layers for rapid maximum absorption. Period Relief Roll-on has Cooling effect from eucalyptus and menthol oil, and the therapeutic goodness of rosemary and lavender oil. Intimate foaming wash is made from 100% natural ingredients - chamomile floral water, tea tree oil, and the soothing, moisturizing effects of rose floral water, green tea extract, aloe vera extract, and lactic acid.


100% free of allergens, chemicals, artificial fragrances and toxins.



Ever since I got my period for the first time, I've used the same pads throughout, which gave me rashes and would never stay in place! I came across LAIQA and decided to give it a try - I don't think I'm ever turning back! The pads are so soft and comfortable, I have even converted my mother and sister into using them!


I can't believe I discovered LAIQA pads so late in my menstrual journey! Over the years, i've always wondered how differently i would have approached periods, had my experience with sanitary pads been different! LAIQA changed my perspective on comfortable periods.


One of the best things about LAIQA Sanitary pads is their thoughtful packaging. Each sanitary napkin comes in a cover that makes it easy to carry and dispose of after use. And I'd definitely recommend these pads to someone who is looking for pads that are super soft, comfortable and kinder to the skin and the environment.


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