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You know your flow best. LAIQA Pads are designed to meet the needs of all kinds of menstrual flow.

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subscribe for 20% off on half-yearly and 30% off on yearly subscription plan

1. Create your pack of 15 L & XL pads in any combination:

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High absorbency – Created for high absorption, they lock in the period flow and prevent leaks and stains.

Comfort – Made with a one of its kind nonwoven supersoft top layer, the texture of the pads is soft, and they hold their shape without tearing or bunching.

Sustainable alternative – Made with reduced plastic, packaged in 100% biodegradable material, they come with individual recyclable sanitary disposal bags.

Skin friendly – Chlorine free & fragrance free, minimizes the risk of rashes and skin irritation

Weather conducive - Suitable for the humid, tropical weather in India.

Lightweight and easy to carry


Customize Your Flow

Choose upto 15 pads in a combination of L and XL pads as per your personal flow needs!


Hypoallergenic. Be free of rash decisions.

Feathersoft. The softest pads for the toughest of you.

Super-Absorbent. This is a tight, tight ship.

Ever since I got my period for the first time, I've used the same pads throughout, which gave me rashes and would never stay in place! I came across LAIQA and decided to give it a try - I don't think I'm ever turning back! The pads are so soft and comfortable, I have even converted my mother and sister into using them!
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