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Best sanitary napkins in India

LAIQA sanitary pads & panty liners

Created with great care and keeping your comfort as our priority, our sanitary pads and pantyliners are made from high quality raw materials imported from several countries including the USA and Japan to offer you a sustainable eco-friendly alternative, that fulfills all your period needs.

At LAIQA, we are constantly ideating and innovating to strive towards product excellence and customer satisfaction. Our efforts are based on 3 key principles:

Safety & High Performance

Our super soft sanitary pads are tested to be fragrance free, chlorine free and pH compatible, thereby giving you a skin friendly alternative that reduces the chances of rashes, irritation and infection. The 9 layered structure of the pad offers rapid absorption and retention. The composition of the pad prevents the top sheet from tearing while ensuring the pads are anti-leakage. LAIQA pads and pantyliners are light, comfortable to use and convenient to carry.


All our products are environmentally sound and made with reduced plastic. Packaged in 100% biodegradable material, they come with recyclable bags for hygienic disposal of the product after use.


By subscribing to LAIQA, we guarantee you of hassle-free periods by delivering our products to your doorstep. The subscription process is automated and sends you a reminder regarding your next LAIQA delivery. In addition to creating products that offer greater comfort and convenience and hassle free periods, we endeavor at taking up steps for building our community and for the betterment of our society to initiate A PERIOD OF CHANGE.

LAIQA sanitary pads are high quality, chlorine free, pH compatible, feathersoft, eco-friendly, fragrance-free alternatives to existing sanitary pads with a focus on wellbeing and offer a variety of choices to meet individual needs. The 9 layered sanitary pad locks in the flow, reducing the chances of leaks and stains. The product in its essence provides a sense of choice, comfort and empowerment while supporting the environment and giving back to the community through our LAIQA Cares program.