The Company

Since its inception in March 2018, Mohar Organics Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of MyLaiqa, believed that there has to be a change in the way in which consumers utilize feminine hygiene products.

This encompasses changes in the way in which women procure as well as use these products. Most importantly, women must embrace as well as celebrate menstruation instead of being ashamed about it. 

The brand MyLaiqa was founded in February 2019 keeping all these objectives in mind, as well as creating an ecosystem that can support women of all ages and all economic backgrounds.

At present, MyLaiqa has over 1,500 happy customers and witnessed 158% growth between February and March 2020. The brand attributes most of this success to its continuous interaction with customers through online & offline events. 

The ultimate aim of the brand is to enable Indian women to rise over the stigma associated with menstruation by creating a platform for safe, healthy, and comfortable discussion on topics related to menstruation, feminine hygiene, and related topics.