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Our Cause

Super soft sanitary pads LAIQA's cause - Buy One Donate One Pad

LAIQA’s community outreach programs are centered around giving, contributing and helping those who cannot help themselves. By building each other up, we build a strong community.

Our efforts included educational workshops and donation drives for necessities and utilities. The LAIQA Care initiative of “BuyOneDonateOne” - donating a pad for every pack of pads sold, helps support underprivileged girls and women in rural areas. If you would like to join us in this initiative, call us on +917067120120 and we can join hands in making a difference one pad at a time. LAIQA’s cause is to contribute towards the betterment of women, children, the environment and the community. Making a difference is all about effort. And when you make that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens, that’s how change occurs.

LAIQA extra large pads

We at LAIQA, believe in educating people regarding mindful menstrual practices through community outreach initiatives. Menstrual experiences are overwhelmingly negative in both urban and rural India, which significantly impacts a woman’s lifestyle. Partly on account of the physical discomfort but more so on account of the anxiety from social stigma and taboos which leads to negative emotions of shame and exclusion. In addition, improper practices and products regarding menstrual care can cause significant health issues. Our efforts at LAIQA have been towards conducting workshops that educate and destigmatize the concept of menstruation, empowering women from all walks of life. We continue to partner with like-minded companies, commercial establishments and experts from the field of health and nutrition to create and conduct community outreach programs. In the past we have piloted several workshops in various rural areas to educate girls and women on safe hygiene practices. Through our LAIQA care initiative “Buy One Donate One “, we contribute by donating one pad for every pack sold to help the underprivileged girls and women in India. A small meaningful step at a time; we aim at building a community of women who build each other up. LAIQA promises to be with you EVERY PHASE OF THE WAY towards more comfortable periods and greater empowerment.

LAIQA sanitary pads

LAIQA is working with a range of foundations supporting the betterment of women, children, the environment & the community as a whole




Yes, we donate 1 pad for every pack we sell, to under-privileged women in India.

Wanna Help? Call us on +91 7067120120 and let's take this forward!

Our Partner NGOs

Education & Oppurtunity for Underprivileged Children / Upliftment & Education of Women


  1. Provide the sanitary pads every month for girls in need
  2. Organise workshops
  3. Volunteer
  4. Donating clothes and utility products
  5. Offering Laiqa girl educative suggestions
  6. Reduce the usage of one time plastics through education
  7. Contribute and be a part of the events organised by the organisation