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Best sanitary pads for heLAIQA Sanitary Pads Combo


LAIQA endeavors to build a community of patrons, partners and associates who believe in the importance of menstrual hygiene and mindful menstrual practices.

Our products have been made, using ethical practices and designed to provide choice, comfort and empowerment while promoting sustainability and giving back to the community. Our understanding of innovation is towards creating a change that makes a difference. At the core of our philosophy lies the belief – if our minds conceive it, our hearts believe in it, then we know we can achieve it. Going forward with this philosophy, we have partnered with prestigious colleges, institutions, companies and commercial establishments, towards building awareness on mindful menstrual hygiene practices and creating a LAIQA community of patrons, partners and affiliates who believe in our ethos – women shape our home, society and nation, they need the best in feminine hygiene.

LAIQA premium sanitary pads

We look forward to partnering with many more like minded affiliates who believe in our ideology. We offer a premium product that is GOOD FOR HER, GOOD FOR EARTH. If you believe, together we can initiate a PERIOD OF CHANGE, write to us at and we will be delighted to hear your thoughts and ideas. To partner with us, you could be a commercial establishment, an individual with expertise in sales and distribution or an entrepreneur with the zeal to make a difference. We will be happy to support your journey with appropriate training and market insights to be able to grow together. After all, the starting point of all achievement is desire and our true potential lies between what is and what could be. So, EMBRACE A NEW CYCLE by joining hands with LAIQA.