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About Us

Mohar Organics Pvt. Ltd

was founded in March 2018, bringing with it a simple goal - changing the way consumers utilise feminine hygiene products.

According to Mohar, their mission, vision and objective are as follows-

Mission :

To transform menstruating women’s experience of acquiring and using feminine hygiene options.

Vision :

To help women celebrate & embrace menstruation. Period.

Objective :

To help build an ecosystem that can support all women.


Founded in February 2019, Mohar brings Gurugram-based LAIQA, which is one of the newest products in the menstrual hygiene field. Our motto is, 'Good for Her, Good for Earth'. LAIQA, with just 7% plastic, offers biodegradable sanitary napkins that come with biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Our pads are Rash Free, Chlorine Free, and Fragrance free and protect users from UTIs and yeast infections. LAIQA also comes with personalised monthly subscription packs, that provide you with a combination of day and night(Ultra-thin and Cosy Fluff) pads that suit each user’s flow. 


Being associated with several NGOs like Deepalaya, Dream Girl Foundation, Wishes and Blessings, and Uthaan, we give out a monthly supply of pads for girls in need, organize educational workshops, donate clothes and other utility products.


LAIQA founders


The Co-founder Nazish Mir (26), lost a dear friend to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which was caused by poor menstrual hygiene products. After that, she just thought of bringing a change in the industry. She talked to her cousin and Co-founder Ali Mir (26) who was shocked with the unconcerned use of menstrual hygiene products among his friend circles. After that, they met co-founder Monica Bindra (47), who is a chemical engineer and an experienced market researcher along with being an entrepreneur. She is the mother of a young girl and would frequently hear complaints of rashes and irritation due to the sanitary products she was using, Monica had similar concerns as well. With the mission to provide high quality, comfortable and hassle-free products, LAIQA was born.

“With a boost of education among people, being economically settled and all the changes among us, women demand better products that are comfortable and provide greater options to choose from.,” says Monica.


According to the co-founders, earning trust from customers has been really difficult. LAIQA's core team was formed in May 2018 and was able to get in touch with some vendors, distributors, and a marketing team well in advance. Since it was born in February 2019, LAIQA has got over 1,500 customers and marked a 158-percent growth between February and March. The brand names most of its success to interaction with consumers, both online and at events. LAIQA's team includes nine people working from the office, and eight people managing logistics at the warehouse.

The brand ultimately aims to help Indian women move past the stigma attached to menstruation by creating a platform for safe, healthy, and comfortable discussion.