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Our team answers your most important questions.

  • If you need your Laiqa boxes before your next renewal date, log in to your Laiqa account and click "My subscriptions “ on the left. Under the Order history section, You can then press the “I need it now“ button.When you click the "I need it now" button, your subscription to that product will be processed at our warehouse, and it will be on its way to you within 1–2 business days. Moving forward, your subscription will continue to renew on its regular delivery date. Laiqa exists to ensure that you never have to worry again. And additional charge of Rs 50. will be made for this express delivery.

  • Your subscription will renew automatically, depending on the frequency you selected during your initial purchase. If you wish to edit, pause or cancel your subscription at any time, log into your Laiqa account and click on "My Subscriptions" on the left. We'll also send you a reminder email two weeks before your subscription is set for renewal, so if you wish to make changes, you'll be reminded! We’ve got you covered!

  • You are sure to love Laiqa – but we will understand if it isn’t so. However, given that Laiqa is a hygiene product, we cannot accept product returns.

  • With Laiqa, your boxes will be delivered to you MONTHLY through the duration of your subscription period (3, 6 or 12 months).

  • Oops! We are so sorry about this! Please write to us at info@moharorganics.comand we'd be happy to resolve this unfortunate event for you and ship you a new pack with no additional charges of course.

  • Upon pausing, your subscription will be put on hold for a month and resumed the next, post the end of the paused month. For example: if your 3-month subscription starts in January and you pause your it for the month of February, your subscription will be resumed in March and will last until April.

  • My Laiqa Ultra-thin day pads offer 120 ml absorbency and our Cosyfluff night pads offer 150 ml absorbency so you never have to worry about stains and leakages. Our liners are non-absorbent & therefore ideal for daily vaginal discharges and your spotting days.

  • Super easy! Pick the products you want, choose the number of boxes you’d like delivered monthly and your preferred frequency – 3, 6 or 12 months. Complete your payment with the method most convenient to you. Enter your shipping details and your order will be delivered at your doorstep. Phew! Here’s to a happier Period with Laiqa.

  • We recommend the 10 (Ultra-thin) day pads and the 5 (Cosyfluff) night pads as the perfect pack for the duration of your cycle. However, you can always order our single packs based on your preference.

  • You can update your shipping address at any time by signing into your Laiqa account. From there, you can edit the shipping information by clicking "Edit" next to your address. Be sure to click "Save" so that we know where you want Laiqa to reach you.

  • Just press “Log in” on the top left corner of our site and enter your email address and password and you will be logged in to your LAIQA ACCOUNT.

  • Laiqa pads and liners are made out of the highest quality non-woven material. They are rash-free and skin friendly. The ingredients of every Laiqa pad and liner are sourced from the best quality materials available worldwide , making them super absorbent, chlorine free, fragrance - free and breathable. We at Laiqa are are certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

  • We recommend changing your pad every 4 to 6 hours, though you can change it more often depending on your specific needs.

  • No

  • Pick your favourite pad type from our collection: day pads (Ultra-thin), night pads (Cosyfluff), panty liners (Ultra-thin) & buy it alone or buy a mix with our “buy one time” option. You can also enjoy the hassle-free Laiqa experience every month by simply subscribing to us with your preferences.

  • Go to the rewards page under “My Laiqa.” Earn, save & spend points to get Rs 20-Rs 60 off on your next purchase.

  • Each order has a specific tracking number that will be emailed to you after your order is shipped. If you no longer have access to the email address on your Laiqa account, you can request your tracking information by emailing us at

  • Yes

  • Unwrap the packaging. Remove the back paper to expose the adhesive. Place the liner on the centre of your underwear with the adhesive facing downwards and hold the liner firmly in place.

  • Take the pad out from the disposal bag. Unwrap the packaging. Remove the back paper to expose the adhesive. Place the pad on the centre of your underwear with the adhesive facing downwards. Finally, remove the wing papers and wrap the wings around the underside of your underwear, holding the pad firmly in place.

  • Getting you the best product to your doorstep does require us to cover the transportation and delivery boy costs. Hence a fee of Rs 25 will be charged.