Good for her, good for earth.

LAIQA is doing its best to get to the root of understanding the systemic causes of period poverty.

We work with a few villages in Uttarakhand and the following NGOs: Deepalaya, Dream Girl Foundation, Wishes and Blessings, to distribute our products and organise grassroots menstrual awareness workshops.

We want to be part of the tectonic shift in reducing period pollution.

Formulating our pads with a unique reduced plastic design, we ensure not only that the product itself is more sustainable, but we take a more holistic approach beyond the plastic debate. We want the sourcing process to be ethical. We want the discarding to be more biodegradable. At every point in the process, we have taken steps to ensure that the way our products are made reduces harm wherever possible.

Our mission is to join hands with all menstruating people so that they can be part of an equal and sustainable future.

We celebrate the power of community. Both our team and our base have grown over time, and through the same we get the chance to engage in a dynamic conversation about menstruation, environmentalism and change.

Not just through initiatives but the nature of our products too, we want to leave the world a better place than we found it. Lighter, cleaner, brighter.

1. Use responsibly and sustainably sourced materials wherever possible.
2. Design products that are intelligent so that you can be comfortable.
3. Facilitate and normalise conversations around the body and our environment.
4. Champion issues that affect our communities.