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combo pack
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LAIQA Panty Liners
LAIQA Moderate Flow Day Pads - L
LAIQA Heavy Flow Night Pads - XL
combo pack
15 / 15
cosy fluff night pads (XL)
ultra-thin panty liners
ultra-thin day pads (L)
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To provide a combination offer that covered the requirements for both ends of the spectrum, the Active Period Pack was created. The Active Period Pack consists of 20 L Moderate Flow Day Pads with an absorbency suitable for moderate flow; along with 10 XL Heavy Flow Night Pads that guarantee overnight comfort and can be used for a longer duration limiting the chances of leaks and stains. The 7 layered super absorbent pads have wings that keep the pad from shifting. Made with premium materials sourced from USA and Japan our sanitary pads are a fragrance free, chlorine free and an eco-friendly option that prevent rashes and skin irritation. Packaged in 100% biodegradable material it comes with recyclable sanitary disposal bags. LAIQA sanitary pads assure you of comfort and empowers you with a choice for a necessity.