Moderate Flow (Pack of 2)
Moderate Flow (Pack of 2)
biodegradable sanitary pads
soft sanitary pads
cotton pads

Moderate Flow (Pack of 2)

(20 L Cotton Pads)

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LAIQA Moderate Flow Day Pads have a 7-layered structure with an ultra-thin appearance to prevent visible panty lines. Designed for women with an active lifestyle, these pads provide coverage throughout the day. Our customers have also had a good experience with these pads for overnight use. However, this depends entirely upon the period flow & the choice of the individual. We recommend the Heavy Flow Night Pads with high absorbency for guaranteed overnight protection.

These multilayered soft pads can lock in the period flow for up to 5 hours, thus bringing you comfort and peace of mind. The Moderate Flow Day Pads with reduced plastic are chlorine free, fragrance free and pH balanced. These features reduce the possibility of rashes or skin irritation and become an eco-friendly alternative providing comfort in a humid tropical climate. The Moderate Flow Day Pad Combo Pack provides great value with the option of getting 20 large sanitary napkins at an attractive price. Our doorstep delivery service assures you of maximum convenience, while our products help minimize your period discomfort. 

  • Pack Count – 20 L PADS +2 FREE Panty Liners
      • High absorption and retention, anti-leakage
      • Comfort – Made with super soft, high quality materials sourced from several countries including USA and Japan, the pads/panty liners hold their shape without tearing or bunching.
      • Sustainable alternative – Made with reduced plastic, packaged in 100% biodegradable material, they come with individual recyclable sanitary disposal bags.
      • Skin friendly – Chlorine free & fragrance free, minimizes the risk of rashes and skin irritation. 
  • Weather conducive - Suitable for the hot, humid tropical weather in India.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

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