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The Period Pack
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The Period Pack

(10L + 10XL + 20L)

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The Period Pack

The Period Pack has been carefully curated for all our beloved family members. We tested our products on 1500 women and realized they require all 3 LAIQA products but since we leave it to their choice they would not want to spend on themselves (AS ALWAYS, SELFLESS WOMEN)

  1. The Period Pack: Perfect for girl over a 2 month cycle.
  2. 315 MM/290MM/150MM | Night / Day / Daily | Size – XL / L / PL | 40 Units
  3. The 3 packs that will ensure that you don't even feel your periods.
  4. Use for 6-8 Hours, giving OVERNIGHT security. No Leak, No Stain!
  5. Comforting you and your loved one for a month’s Menstrual Cycle. Giving 10% Discount on both packs!
  6. The pad that Guarantee’s no leak and stains, 4 wings, Super absorbent 7 Layer pad!
  7. Made for India, for the hot and humid climate & naturally more flow of women.
  8. Easy to Carry & Dispose. The disposable bag with every sanitary pad makes your period HASSLE FREE
  9. Biodegradable & Recyclable Packaging, giving the earth a much needed ‘breather’
  10. Cotton Based Sanitary Pad, ensuring a super soft, rash free, irritation free, natural period.
  11. Made with Premium Raw Material, Procured from the USA.

Snug comfort all day long - for Moderate Flow

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