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Softest Sanitary Pads

What matters most in a sanitary pad, I questioned 1500 women in a survey we conducted to check what the marketing in India really wants. Why did we want to know what does the market in India want?? Cause all the roads that are made are designed for the EU and America and the surplus is branded for Indians and provided to them at a negligible rate because that is what the Indian consumers' image is in the market. Through our survey we came to realize that the consumer was looking to attain a soft and comfortable sanitary pad more than anything, with second priority given to leakages which is what the sanitary pad is basically made for, it was referred to as a comforter and an absorber when it was first launched in 1920. This is exactly what the Indian market wants in the sanitary pads, but what they are being provided is a VERY absorbent pad and then full stop. They have never tried to attain the softest sanitary pad as it is very expensive to create it.

What Is Absorbent Pad?

What does very absorbent means, it is only good if the pad is very absorbent right?? No, actually too much of anything is bad the same way in sanitary pads also. Using too much plastic and throwing in a lot of sap ensures that your pad will be leak-proof, the SAP powder will soak all the blood as it pours through from the first layer into the core of the pad, the plastic gives us a material that will not lose its shape of utility if it comes in contact with liquid. Giving us a sanitary pad product that is perfect for no leakages, with the Indian community being completely against periods and blood it is perfect for our social climate, girls use the pads for 6-9 hours when the recommended period is 4 hours at the max. With that using pads that absorb too much blood results in a dry and disoriented pH value vagina, which is as dangerous for your vaginal health. These Pads are surely not the softest sanitary pads as the composition of the pad has heavy amounts of plastic, with that the softest sanitary pad will be looking to replace plastic with other fibers.
The softest pad in the world would have to replace plastic with cotton fibers which mean all the hard plastic will be replaced by the soft lush cotton. Making the softest pad in the world. this strategy has been used by startups that are entering the space in the market. They are being able to convince consumers to change their pads which is lower on absorbency but it basically feels like nothing as the fibers that are being used are far superior to the plastic ordinary fibbers that were being used. 
Yes, this does make the softest pad a little flimsier than the conventional napkins that are floating in the market if used for 3-5 hours you shall face no issues, but since you are used to sitting on them for 6-9 hours we must give you a heads up. If you want to change your lifestyle to that of a concerned conscious consumer then you don't have to look any further, the time has come to switch the softest pad - a biodegradable pad.