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Sanitary Pads Online? Is it worth it?

Sanitary Pads Online

Why buy sanitary pads online if you can buy them offline right? The market is flooded with sanitary pads and napkins from 3 brands but they have a hundred variants under those 3 sanitary pad brands, which leads to a lot of confusion in the consumers' minds. The consumer will want to avail a product that will help their certain concern with periods, some women want only light flow pads and others want heavy flow sanitary pads, so what the MNC's do is that they make 100 SKU's and confuse the consumer, packaging and messaging the product in accordance to regional consumer demand but providing the exact same product in a new pack. 

This unethical practice has been held back and now we have brands selling sanitary pads online, that are willing to provide free samples of pads before usage, so you know exactly what you're getting and when you do order sanitary pads online, you have a direct open conversation with the manufacturer or distributor of sanitary pads which makes the process of providing your concerns much easier. Consumers are very happy with the products they are receiving but the only issue is the older generation, above 27 is not willing to shift from what they find the easiest way of acquiring products - retail. As of today, 91% of sanitary pads are bought offline and 9% sanitary pads online are purchased.

Purchasing Your Sanitary Pads Online?

1) Doorstep delivery - When purchasing your sanitary pad online you know you are going to receive the product at your doorstep, otherwise when you go to retailers they make the process very awkward not talking to you, not telling you what the product is, just providing it in a black bag.

2) You get considerable offers and discounts online -  Since the startups are competing against one another for a certain number of customers, the customers can avail solid prices as most of these online players are experiencing cut-throat competition. Because of which you will see a lot of discounts on e-commerce portals, also the seller does not have to shell large margins as he does have to in retail.

3) Customisable Pack - In the offline market you can never think of customising your order, with the online feature the consumers can choose as many pads they want and of which so ever variant they want. The online brands will package your pack according to your need, this results in more control for customers over there periods. 

4) Subscription - The customer always complains on the first few days of spotting because they never exactly know when it is right around the corner, because of which the seller has come through with a subscription model which states that the consumer will receive the product on a monthly basis, a week before their periods which will be confirmed over mail and call.

5) You get the best for you - All the Sanitary Pads online try and woe the customers by differentiating themselves as eco-friendly brands that are using fewer plastics and no toxins, which makes them a more hygienic napkin than what they are already using.

So yes there is a market for pads online and offline, but with times changing and sanitary pads online are getting better, I am sure in the coming years you will see a shift in consumer buying patterns.

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  • mansi on April 09, 2020

    Nowadays everything is online and also one gets a variety of sanitary napkins on online stores.

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