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Why is LAIQA the best?

cotton sanitary pads

Using feminine hygiene products can also be sustainable for the planet and beneficial for your health. Know everything about this natural and organic alternative Cotton Sanitary Pads offered by LAIQA that you should try.

Although the danger seems null, every time you use a tampon you run the risk of suffering a toxic shock, a disease caused by two types of bacteria - staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus that can be generated by using this method on the days of menstruation, because the absorption of the buffer causes an oxygen concentration giving way to these toxins.

Another point that can be harmful to health is the chemicals that both wipes, tampons, and protectors have. To bleach the cotton in these products, chlorine is used which contains dioxin. It is a toxin that can affect the reproductive organs because it is preserved in our bodies. This component is one of the causes of endometriosis, a disease that can cause infertility and sharp menstruation pain.

There are also sanitary pads that contain a “super absorbent gel”. What not many know is that this component can be the cause of toxic shock, just like tampons. 

best biodegradable sanitary pads

Rayon is also an element that is part of the wipes, that mesh that we see in our protectors is used to contain fluids. But at the same time, it does not allow our skin to breathe and increases the bacteria in the area causing vaginal and urinary infections.

The environment is also a victim of these products because a woman uses around 9,000 and 13,000 sanitary pads throughout her life, and these end up in the garbage where it takes around 700 years to degrade.

For women, who do not want to stop using sanitary pads for comfort in their menstrual cycle, the LAIQA offers biodegradable, organic, super soft, and fragrance-free sanitary pads. Visit our site and discover sustainable and healthy alternatives.

chlorine free sanitary pads

Let us check out 7 benefits that make Cotton Sanitary Pads healthier for your body because they are:

1. Free of chlorine bleaching: This way your body will not absorb toxic elements like dioxin.

2. Biodegradable: The big problem with sanitary pads is that they take between 500 and 800 years to degrade and that, once they have done their job, they end up in landfills, watercourses, or simply in our oceans. In the case of biodegradable pads, they take about 6 months to degrade. LAIQA products are certified as compostable, which means they leave no unnecessary waste for future generations.

3. Made from 100% certified organic cotton: The natural material of Cotton Sanitary Pads lets your skin breathe avoiding rashes and infections.

4. No irritating plastics or perfumes: These toxins will not invade your body and you are not in danger of absorbing chlorine-derived chemicals that are used to perfume.

fragrance free sanitary pads

5. They are composed of natural adsorbents derived from cellulose and more effective: They do not contain rayon or an absorbent “super gel”, so you are free from the risks of suffering a toxic shock and having urinary or vaginal infections (which are caused by these components) since they allow your skin to breathe.

6. They are recommended by gynecologists: The gynecologists affirmed that the perfumes used in traditional products cause irritation in the genital area and that tampons that use plastic and materials of “greater absorption” do not allow the area to breathe. Therefore, favoring the presence of fungi. Finally, the professional referred to the “super absorption” gels saying:

“It is a short-term benefit since its components affect the genital area by modifying the pH and causing adverse irritations that ultimately predispose the development of pathogenic germs in the area. It is a double-edged sword.”

LAIQA does not contain these components in Cotton Sanitary Pads, therefore they take care of your health and protect you from diseases.

7. Our products are vegan: As they are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients derived from animals.

If you have not thought about changing your method to take care of yourself in your days, now you have two reasons to do it: take care of your planet and your health.

Do you want to try these 100% biodegradable and super soft Cotton Sanitary Pads and liner products? Do not hesitate to visit our site to explore our wide range of products.

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  • Muskan Gupta on July 14, 2020

    The best part about this brand is it comes with a biodegradable disposable bag

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