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Why are women using Panty Liners?

With technological advancements in all fields of life, we have seen an imminent switch to better practices and products. In the world of cars we see ourselves coming through with avant-garde technology taking cars to become eco-friendly and at the same time perform as well as cars that are running on fossil fuels, which was unheard of 20 years back. Same way companies in the space of feminine hygiene have been able to evolve not only the sanitary pad but innovate new products that will help women at different times when they are on their periods. Panty Liners being one of the most useful complementary products that have been launched after the pad, unfortunately not too many consumers in India know why do you wear a panty liner? Recently as consumers do not understand and know what the product is they have started to question and ask doctors “why do you wear panty Liners?” As per me, it is a huge step taken if we are able to break taboos and have women openly talk about new products and period-related issues.

So coming to the perfect period cycle, and yes it has Panty Liners Written all over the first day and the last day. So why do you wear a panty liner?

1) For the days you are spotting - when there is no real blood flow (You are bleeding between 2-5ml) you do not need a pad that will suck away all the nutrients as it is made for heavier flow than what you are experiencing on your first and last day of your period. 

2) It is made for women who are experiencing daily discharges, especially between the age group of 40 - 50 when women are experiencing daily discharges in the colors of green to yellow. So to experience the perfect period we will need to inculcate in us the use of the panty liner.

So is it very important to wear a panty liner, cause from what I re-read above I still ask myself “Why do you wear a panty liner?”



  • Panty liners will result in a balanced PH Level of used on the right days, if they are used on light flow days/spotting days you will be able to maintain the PH level at the optimal between 6-8

  • If you use the panty liner when you are experiencing daily discharges it will help you protect your panty and underwear, guaranteeing a clean and hygienic period.

  • Use it with your tampon, wear a tampon and protect leakages and you can stay locked in and secure, the same can be practiced when you are using a menstrual.

  • Leave a few panty liners in your handbag in case you don’t discharge often: This can be extremely handy when one is going through puberty and experiencing changes such as developing chest, growth spurt, mood swings, etc. Also, periods can be irregular during this time and hence, panty liners can help. Panty liners can even fit into your wallet and be a huge lifesaver during unexpected periods.


    When can the use of a Panty Liner Backfire?

    If used for a long period of time, you can experience infections ( the same reaction that you're vagina experiences when it is suffocated by a sanitary pad for more than 6 hours. You need to know when to use a pad and a panty liner and it is different for everyone. You need to test for a cycle how much time does a liner last you and how long does a pad last you!

    LAIQA Panty Liners - made of completely natural materials and are completely bio-degradable and cotton-based, also acclaimed as the softest panty liner in India. They have no harmful synthetic chemicals and plastic fibers. Do Not use unsafe plastic products that result in rashes and allergies. Stay Natural and use products that are good for her and good for the earth.

    Comments (2)

    • poonam joshi on April 20, 2020

      Yes, I’ve also tried panty liners and , must say these are super absorbent to use for everyday life. amazing blog

    • ridhima on March 31, 2020

      definitely gonna try panty liners

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