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Why do you poop so much on your period?

why do you poop so much on your period

You have surely noticed that, during your menstruation period, you could make many more visits to the bathroom to evacuate. In fact, sometimes you could even have diarrhea.

The exact reasons are not completely known, but having diarrhea is quite common during your menstruation period and is often caused by menstrual cramps.

How? Well, it is believed that a chemical called prostaglandins, which are released when a woman is menstruating, would cause contractions both in the uterus and in the intestines.

Thus, prostaglandins send chemical signals to the uterus that cause it to tighten and relax much more than usual. These contractions are to push your lining, but they also reach the intestines causing them to contract, and make you want to go to the bathroom more often.

pain during periods

The exact cause of why some women develop diarrhea when they have their periods is unknown, but several possible explanations are considered.

Sometimes the rule can be accompanied by diarrhea or more liquid and frequent stools. The specific reason has not yet been determined, but they already point to some causes that could have a lot to do with it.

The contraction of the uterus:

Due to the changes in the menstrual cycle and the arrival of the menstruation period at the end of it, an inflammatory reaction occurs in the internal genital organs. 

This inflammation can also affect adjacent organs such as the rectum that is located behind the uterus. This inflammation is what can cause diarrhea.

Apart from this inflammatory process, there could be another explanation that would have prostaglandins as the main protagonists. These are substances that cause the uterus to contract. 

Female uterus

After ovulation, the walls of the uterus fill with prostaglandins, so that this helps it to contract so that the endometrium is detached and expelled, leading to menstruation.

How they act. If the prostaglandins reach the bloodstream, they can reach the intestine and, similar to the uterus, send the message to “contract” and as a consequence, diarrhea occurs.

Hormonal issues:

There are also those who emphasize the role that progesterone can play. This hormone prevents contractions of the uterus and reduces intestinal motility. 

Just before the period comes, its levels drop considerably, which favors that the contents of both the uterus and the gastrointestinal tract move more easily, and therefore, diarrhea can occur in menstruation time.

Is it normal?

If during your menstruation you feel more urge to defecate than at other times of the month, this is due to the substances that make the uterus contract and the endometrium is released. 

These can also reach the intestines, which makes your urge to go to the bathroom to increase. It is perfectly normal, and you can combat these symptoms by drinking plenty of water or applying heat to the belly.


How to prevent it?

Taking loperamide or another antidiarrheal may alleviate or prevent diarrhea symptoms during those days, but you should consult your doctor before taking these medications.

Also, make sure you stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Also, increasing your fiber intake would help solidify your stools, which might reduce symptoms of diarrhea.

Another good tip would be to eat foods that contain active cultures of beneficial bacteria (probiotics), such as those found in yogurt, as recommended by gastroenterologist Francisco J. Marrero, on the wellness site Everyday Health.

If in doubt, do not forget to consult a health professional.

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