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What Sanitary Pad would suit me best?

The confusion is real

Over the last few years, I have seen lots of brands come up in the feminine hygiene space. With so many commitments and slogans being thrown at the consumers, it's so hard for them to know what to believe and what not to believe in, what is the Best Sanitary Pad? No one really knows.

With Multinational companies like P&G and HUL not disclosing ingredients and misleading the consumer with lack or irrelevant information, the consumer has no idea to which is the best napkin for them. This leaves the consumer clueless on the search for the best sanitary pad. There is a dire need for brands that are willing to educate and lead consumers through a safe and happy Period, period.


The misconception

We as consumers have our own perspectives. With the lives that we all lead is very different, the way in which we look at things is also different. For many consumers in India, sanitary pads are a basic necessity which does NOT require to be looked into, as they feel it is a standard product with the same quality on offer by all brands. It is this misconception that has led them to the worst quality products seen by the industry in the last three decades.  The Government needs to help consumers with understanding the product and the market standard better, leading them to know which is the best sanitary pad for them. 


What products can be considered to be the best for the consumers and why??

First, I would like to take you through the main utility of sanitary pads.

They are made to comfort and absorb. So on your periods, you do not want to be wearing something that is not helping you with both keeping you comfortable and dry. Products that are made by the MNC's today are plastic laden making them rough and claustrophobic, resulting not only in an uncomfortable and wet period but an allergy-prone and infection-prone period, resulting in the long run and short-run health hazards.

So all products that are coming through as natural and organic are products that the consumer can trust with their eyes closed. They can stay rest assured that these products will never cause any rashes or skin irritations



Made with Organic Fibres which are Bamboo and Corn Starch, they are very delicate and lack absorbency. Made in China they are premium quality napkins but can not be used for over an hour and a half due to the organic nature of the product.


Also made from bamboo and corn starch but with lesser layers, they have tried to make the experience lighter and more compact, forgetting the main utility of the napkin which is absorbency (Keeping you dry).


Not an organic product and also not a cotton-based product. It uses non-woven fibres to construct the top layer of the napkin. They have tried to make the product Anion based, which is the USP of their product. They believe the anion chip will help relieve pain and reduce cramps. These points are not possible to justify through science. 


A Napkin that promises to be the softest, strongest and lightest napkin in the world has taken the consumer and me by storm, they have provided a napkin to the market that perfectly solves the pain points in the market. Containing 7 % Plastic, Made of cotton fibres that help to keep the product biodegradable.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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