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What is the use of a panty liner?

What is a Panty Liner?

A Panty Liner is a 3 layer Mini-Pad that is made of cotton fibers. It does not have the same utility as a sanitary pad as the absorption in a panty liner is very little in comparison to that of a pad. The 3 layers of a panty liner include a top layer that is made of cotton, a middle layer made of cotton fluff to be able to absorb your daily discharge and spotting and  last layer that is breathable so that there is no moisture and wetness in and around your vagina.

Panty Liner Uses :-

Panty Liners are used during the days of Spotting, spotting occurs on the first day of periods and the last day when your periods are done. Panty liners ensure that your clothes do not get dirty due to the unexpected spotting. Many women also for the sake of hygiene use panty liners on a daily basis. This is as they experience daily discharges and would rather have a panty liner than dirty their underwear.

panty liners use

Panty liners are to be used as and when you feel a slight moisture in and around your vagina. They are super easy to use and are tiny so can be sliped into any of your pockets! Take the the cover off, like you do on a pad. You will find the panty liner to be folded like a pad in 3 folds, you lets it open and its ready to use. There are no wings on a panty liner so please do make sure you remove the release tape from the back and let the liner stick to your panty (underwear).

You’ve seen them in a friend’s handbag or maybe under the sink in your Aunties bathroom. Maybe you came across them on the shelf at the Departmental store. Panty liners?? You’ve always been perplexed, what are they good for? What is the use, I have a million questions about the Panty Liner.

Too thin for your period, will it handle my flow for the first and last day, what if I leak and its cause of this small white tissue? and what are panty liners, anyway? What’s the deal?

 Panty liners are like a micro secret weapon for a fresh and confident day. And they’re actually really comfortable, most of the panty liners feel like you are wearing nothing, as they are 1/5 of the weight of a pad. These are only a few advantages of Panty liners, let’s get started.

 Panty liners are made for Vaginal Discharge. Everyone gets it. It’s actually the vagina’s way of staying healthy and protecting itself against deadly infection. The volume varies depending on which point of your cycle are you at. Sometimes it’s light - Sometimes it’s heavier and leaves you feeling a little wet and damp. Panty liners push away moisture keeping lady love and her panty dry, fresh, clean, and confident through the periods you use it. Keep some stocked in your bag for the uplift of freshness through the day that will give you that morning, fresh, clean washed underwear feel!

Fantastic for daily use (even of your periods), panty liners are also used during your period. Many women choose to use a Panty Liner as security protection when they are wearing a tampon, keeping the worst in mind (A Bad Leakage). Panty liners are great for those very last days of your period when it’s over but you’re still left with some blood that is either brown - red-pink. When your flow is insufficient to wear a pad. A panty liner will do the job. 

 It’s not your fault if you are thinking ‘Are panty liners safe?’, because the answer is, YES THEY ARE! Because they’re really good at making the experience moisture-free (which is what attracts the bacteria), Panty Liners are all created for the daily discharges primarily and secondary for the 1st and 5th day of period blood.

 LAIQA Panty Liners have a thin layer, ultra-soft and secure cotton fiber to keep women secure from any bacteria which comes from the synthetic first layers used by other brands.  This top layer keeps the ladies comfortable and moisture free, leading it directly to the absorbent core. The core is made of absorbent cellulose and super absorbent particles. Giving the consumer a leak-free and secure Panty liner Experience. 

 How to use Panty Liners?

how to use panty liners

1. Before and after wearing a panty liner, make sure to wash your hands well.

2. It’s advisable to use unscented panty liners to minimize chances of vaginal infection or itching. Using unscented panty liners helps to maintain a better vaginal hygiene.

3. Make sure to change your pantyliner every few hours to avoid any infection.

4. Women are asked to wear panty liners at all times, if they are worried about discharges and spotting, they are harmless to your skin and will surely not irregulate your pH Levels.

5. Panty liners should not be worn during heavy periods. They are not meant to absorb your daily flow, it's for spotting and discharges.

6. In case you have soft and sensitive skin, try to pick panty liners made only with natural extracts, please don't think this only mean organics.They are gentle enough for daily use and won’t irritate your vagina.


A lot of ladies think the panty liner is going to be uncomfortable, it will bunch up and create an uncomfortable, sticky wedgies in the wrong places when you’re miles away from the bathroom to fix it :( , But it is the complete opposite, it is a little magician that helps you from your worst nightmares! 

 We recommend all women to use Panty Liners!

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