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What is the ideal pad?

I have personally gone into the markets of Delhi, been through the metros and also made a trip to the malls, just to ensure I am able to get a wide array of people to take my survey and understand what do women in India, Delhi want. Keeping in mind the lifestyle of these women and the climate in India we made a survey that will help us guide our companies to what Indian women actually are looking for from their pad.  

We constructed 15 questions and took a minute to ask them, these questions were basic questions that gave us yes or no answers. This was in the hope to ensure a survey that was error proof that it is only possible if the consumers have no bias that has been created by the interviewer. Over 4 days and 80 hours of work every quarter for a year we have come with an answer to your question? What do women want from there sanitary pads? 

So here goes...

1. We want a soft pad, soft pad, soft pad!

So women in Delhi obviously feel their pads are not up to the mark, the answer is simple though here. I have done my research for over 2 years in the Indian market and have realized that Indian sanitary napkins are all plastic-based due to which they are courser than natural biodegradable napkins. A soft pad means a comfortable period and that's what women want to experience.

2. Rash Free Period 

So a soft pad will result in a rash-free period, as if a company goes to being very soft that means they have improved their fibers used to make the first layer. They have shifted from a low-grade plastic fiber to a high-grade cotton fiber resulting in a softer pad, and not only a soft pad but a rash free period which is very essential for all consumers.

3. A Leak Free Pad

Women want to feel secure over that time of the month. They want to be able to lead a half normal life, at least they should have the provision to be able to fearlessly walk around and lay in bed. That is the bare minimum, I wish I could say a soft pad would guarantee this, but unfortunately, I would be lying if I did say that. We need to make a napkin that has more layers for the blood to pass through, as of now we are making pads which have 3 layers, in Europe, they have 5 and in Japan, they have 7 and the thickness difference between the 3 different compositions is 2mm which is barely a difference.


A Soft pad, A rash-free pad and a leak-free pad is what the 1500 women I surveyed in Delhi wanted. I urge companies to look into the 3 factors that we have mentioned as we have gone and made an effort to help women over their time of the month which we know is very painful and tiring. Remember its always cool to share!

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  • diksha on April 10, 2020

    wow, what a blog absolutely correct definition of what an ideal sanitary napkin should be.

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