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What is a Sanitary Pad/Napkin?

Best sanitary pads in India

You are introduced to the concept of “periods” “Menstruation” during puberty. This is the time you(like almost every other girl) are very likely to begin menstruating, and the simple know-how of periods will help a long way in understanding your own cycle better. This could also be the first time you’ll be introduced to a product that you are going to be over dependent on month on month for the next 35 - 40 years of your life“sanitary pads” or “sanitary napkins” that you will need on a monthly basis to manage periods. Now if we need this every month for the next 40 years, what is this product? What are its goods and its brands??


It’s a term that is very self explanatory, Sanitary - For your own sanitary and hygiene & Napkin/Pad - a napkin like product. Napkin like product for your hygiene and sanitation, yes could be said to be a little ‘under the carpet’ but still self explanatory. A sanitary pad - is an absorber and a comforter. A sanitary pads main 2 functions are to absorb and comfort while absorbing.


feminine hygiene products

You have to wear the sanitary pad on your panties during your period, so as to absorb the menstrual blood. Best sanitary Pads in India are made out of plastic, with a new wave of brands shifting to a cotton based pad to avoid rashes and skin irritation. Best sanitary Pads in India come in a number of variants and sizes. From person to person depending on your flow and preference brands have come out with 20 to 30 variants of sanitary pads in India. So you need to choose a sanitary napkin that suits your flow by choosing from thickness, length and absorbency. Do not stress or worry, we are here to guide you all the way - First after the first few times of trying to understand how your body responds to periods, you will with time settle on the right ‘Sanitary Pads for you’ With time, another question that will pop up at this point is - how do I apply or put to use my sanitary pad?



Using a sanitary napkin is very easy. Here are the basic steps on how to wear a sanitary napkin:

  • Remove the release paper on the back side of the pad and place it on your panty.
  • Remove the release paper from the wings of your pad. Wrap the wings around the 2 sides of your panty and make sure it is strapped in for a secure period.


So there are lots of hazards when it comes to the disposal of the sanitary pad.

  1. If you leave it open and dispose this is surely going to cause infections to the next person it comes in contact with, the garbage collector.
  2. If you dispose of your sanitary pad in the pot of your toilet, you are calling for a drainage clogging issue for sure. With the conventional pads being use being plastic it gets stuck in the drainage.

how to dispose sanitary napkins

By following the correct steps to disposal, one can help garbage collectors easily identify and segregate sanitary waste, I also propose a separate coloured bin for all our sanitary waste. This waste will be handled in the appropriate manner when we get a well-managed garage collection system leaving the minimum impact of the waste on the planet.


Now that we have full clarity on which sanitary pad to use during periods,  we need to start building an understanding on how to change and what is the optimal usage of a sanitary pad. For all women who are odour freak, we have to CAUTION you. You will have to change your sanitary pad every couple of hours to be able to resist the smell on the blood seeping into your clothes. One also has to be very careful of a sanitary pad overflowing post the recommended usage, this overflow can be due to intensive flow over a certain period of time and also if the fibres are weak the pad can break into a mass leakage for the user.


How frequently to change your pad


Sanitary Pads in India!

 1. Sanitary pads in India are all plastic laden, barring the new startups - These are the best sanitary pads in India LAIQA, Carmesi, Azah, Nua & Heyday.

2. Sanitary pads in India are made on a world general standard instead of being specified for the country. Some features Sanitary pads in India must contain ----   --Cotton top sheet, to eradicate moisture.

-Breathable back sheet to ensure a dry experience. Best Sanitary pads in India should be made for the Indian woman whose flow is heavier than the western ladies flow.

-4 wings instead of 2 - Due to the heavy flow and long duration usage habits.

3. Sanitary pads in India are supplied by MNCs who are looking to make supernormal profits, due to which their advertisements are misleading. Resulting in lack of information being provided to the Indian customer.

 It is about time, new startups came into the Indian market and help servicing the customer with the best sanitary pad in India, the customers, the collectors and all other ladies only deserve the best sanitary pad in India. as they are and make a dent in the conventional market. This is as we need a change and only can strong competitors lead the change. Sanitary pads in India need a face life, functionality wise and design wise and we have new companies who are already walking the path.



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  • shibhu on April 23, 2020

    let’s see how startups will change the fake world of sanitary napkins.

  • manvi shukla on April 23, 2020

    everyone needs to understand to dispose of sanitary napkins in a waste disposal unit. It becomes very irritating situation when you see sanitary napkins are not properly disposed of in malls.

  • Iqra on April 23, 2020

    very well explanation of how to use a sanitary pad.

  • bhavya on April 23, 2020

    Hoping for a change and also for true MNC’S which are genuine.

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