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What is a Sanitary Napkin Incinerator?

A Sanitary Napkin Incinerator is a machine that helps to dispose off sanitary pad waste. The Sanitary Napkin Incinerator has been brought in by the government that is trying to help allocate sanitary waste in a hygienic and desirable manner. Now when we talk about the SNI- Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, we need to remember that it does have negative externalities in the forms of the ashes and smoke of a burnt pad but it takes up 99.7% Less space than a conventional napkin would if it were to be disposed off.

Why Incinerators came into use?

Incinerators were made to try and reduce landfills being one of the main issues faced by the use of sanitary pads. The Indian government has started a drive where they urge all public entities to have a vending machine and compliment the vending machine with an incinerator. This process would result in readily available sanitary pads for women as well as hygienic and environmentally friendly disposable options, both things the government saw as a bare necessity that was not being provided to women.
So now how much does sanitary napkins incinerator cost us, what is the sanitary napkin incinerator price list like??

How Much Sanitary Pads Incinerator Costs?

So we get 3 variants of vending machines and incinerators. they are basically for different pads that cost different prices. There is a Rs 2, Rs 5 and Rs 10 vending machine, and for each different type of vending machine, you have a different incinerator. The Rs 2 a pad vending machine has the smallest incinerator and the Rs 10 pad vending machine has the most expensive incinerator.
Rs 2 Vending machine - 12300 
Rs 5 Vending Machine - 15500
Rs 10 Vending Machine - 21000

These prices have been obtained from a government-run organization Indovend Pvt ltd, which is based in Pune and are as of now the leaders in providing vending machines and incinerators to public entities like schools colleges etc.

Sanitary Napkin Incinerators price list above tells us the products is not very expensive if it is run under a government initiative or by a large scale corporate, at the same time if it is left to smaller private enterprises they will never be able to see the benefit of such a product as it is only useful when used in large scale operations.

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  • Garima on March 31, 2020

    very useful blog never knew such sanitary napkin incinerators thing existed.

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