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What do women expect from sanitary pads?

softest sanitary pads

One of the best benefits of using softest sanitary pads is the fact that you will always feel irritation-free and stain-free while using it.

Softest sanitary pads are a fantastic invention that allows us to feel safe and comfortable at night. These feminine pads have been designed to keep your skin dry and without irritation during menstruation. But those are not its only advantages, here we tell you others.

1. They are very absorbent:

The longitudinal design of the softest sanitary pads is designed to absorb large liquid discharges. A study of pads indicates that the menstrual flow in a regular period is 10 to 80 milliliters, much more than a daytime pad can absorb, and much less than the amount for which a night pad.

Softest sanitary pads have an absorption system with the latest technology that captures the fastest flow that directs the flow, avoiding overflows, and keeping you always dry and comfortable. Do not forget that it is necessary to change them every 4 hours or as soon as possible when you wake up.

2. The design is anatomical:

The flexible design of the sanitary pads adapts to the shape of your body giving you a feeling of security and comfort during your menstrual period. For example, some softest sanitary pads have an anatomical design, that is, wider at the back and with smart wings to achieve a perfect fit.

soft sanitary pads

3. Fits perfect:

Winged night pads fit your underwear perfectly because they are made of strong adhesive materials. The elongated shape in its design will make you feel safe and comfortable at night.

4. With dual cover:

This feature makes night time sanitary pads your best friend. Its cover is made of two layers that make you feel comfortable and safe. The first cover is a mesh that helps to quickly absorb the flow and distribute it throughout the pad. 

The second cover is fabric, this layer remains on the surface in contact with your skin, which makes it softer. It is super delicate and comfortable so as not to interrupt your sleep.

5. Keeps you dry:

Whether feminine pads keep you dry depends largely on its absorption rate and the nocturnal ones are widely used as highly absorbent due to their ability to control the return of humidity. Thanks to their mesh composition, they absorb quickly and avoid spills to keep your intimate area dry. With the mesh design on the surface, avoid the sensation of humidity to make you feel comfortable.

softest sanitary pads

7. The fabric is soft:

With a padded texture and cotton-like fabric, the sanitary pad is delicate on contact with your skin. And it is not over since in this period you need comfort to fall asleep and not interrupt it due to irritations. You have to know that Softest Sanitary Pads are made of soft fabric that makes it one of the most pleasant night hygiene pads.

How to use sanitary pads?

If you have never used sanitary pads before, you should read this. Our softest sanitary pads easily fit into your underwear. You attach it and hook it with the stainless-steel clasp. The part in contact with the skin is the side of the print. If you need to change it and you are not at home, take a clean one and the used one folds it, close it with the clasp and keep it in a waterproof bag until you get home to wash it.

After how long do I have to change the sanitary pads?

The same time as your conventional sanitary pad. That will depend on each one and the type of flow you have. Ask yourself, after how long do you have to change your sanitary pad and how many do you use per day throughout the cycle?

If you are looking for the softest sanitary pads which are discretion and super absorption, now you can easily buy them online. It has the comfort of a day pad with the absorption of a night pad. 

when to change sanitary pads

In conclusion, the softest sanitary pads are very absorbent, have an anatomical design and smart wings that fit perfectly while you sleep. With its dual fabric and mesh design, you will feel dry and comfortable all night. We invite you to try them, we are sure that they will fascinate you.

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  • ojasvi on July 25, 2020

    Soft sanitary pads are the best to use throughout the day

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