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What do Female Athletes eat during periods?

What do Female Athletes eat during periods?

What do Female Athletes eat during periods?

Although women have shown great strength for physical activity, their menstrual periods could stop them if they don't take the necessary steps. 

Thanks to the struggles that for decades have defended gender equality, today women and men can carry out the same activities; however, there is one in which the female gender must try twice: sports.

Although all types of women can practice any physical activity regardless of their difficulty, the challenge is when they have their menstruation cycle, a stage that they must learn to know and master despite their adversities.

According to the Endurance International Group (EIF), a company specialized in training high-endurance athletes, there are different factors that influence and determine women's sports performance, and one of them is hormonal levels, especially those that have to do with estrogens and progesterone. Here we are going to talk about healthy eating.

Like exercise, athletes’ diet is of the utmost importance during each phase of your cycle. These are some of the best period foods:

Female Athlete Triad

Lower the Carbohydrates:

After ovulation, metabolism, and appetite gradually rise. However, since insulin sensitivity is lost, it is better to reduce carbohydrate intake and minimize reloading phases. For energy, eat more good fats.

Take Magnesium:

Avoid getting carried away by those dreaded cravings. If this is your case, incorporate a few cheat foods a week and try magnesium supplements.

Magnesium is a mineral that decreases during the days before and after menstruation. The more the hormonal level increases, the more the magnesium level decreases. This is what triggers your sweet tooth and fluid retention.

Eat Fruits and Chocolate:

Other options to combat cravings are fruits and 70% chocolate. The fruit is a healthy option that controls cravings by maintaining glucose levels in the blood. While dark chocolate is rich in magnesium and helps raise dopamine levels for added spirits as well.

Plan the frequency of your meals:

In the days before the period, many women have problems with glucose levels in the blood, being more predisposed to suffer mild hypoglycemia.

Protein fruit snacks between main meals help regulate glucose and minimize hunger.

Get the most out of these healthy eating and living tips by trying them all until you find the perfect formula for you.

Food to eat during Periods

What to eat during periods?

- Fruits

- Leafy green vegetables

- Ginger

- Chicken

- Fish

- Turmeric

- Dark Chocolate

- Nuts

- Flaxseed oil

- Yogurt

What not to eat during Periods?

What foods to avoid during periods?

- Salt

- Sugar

- Coffee

- Alcohol

- Red meat

- Spicy food

- All other foods which you do not tolerate well

Having a good diet not only helps people to have better health but also helps women strengthen their physical performance, especially if they are in their menstruation stage.

A person who is looking for better performance in sport, of course, needs the correct nutritional measures.

When a woman is in the transition phase, from one menstrual cycle to the other, the sports specialist explains that planning the correct hydration and nutrition will help strengthen her body.

Every time an athlete is going to do a long-term competition, or if she has a high-intensity workout, consuming enough carbohydrates could be one of her best decisions, especially if she eats them before, during, and after her menstrual cycle.

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