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What are the Panty liners for?

panty liners

During the fertile life, the vaginal region is naturally moist. In some women, this humidity is nothing more than a “sweat”, but in others, it appears in the form of a secretion that is so intense that it passes from the panties and becomes uncomfortable. 

Discarded cases of vaginal diseases, the secretions are natural and very healthy, they indicate that the body is in perfect functionality. But the discomfort caused by them led to the appearance of products capable of minimizing these annoyances. 

That's when we started to see the Panties Liners, small pads used between the panties and the vaginal area that absorb this excess secretion. But are they healthy? Or is there another side to this whole story?

Yes, you got it right, there is another side. But to solve this mystery we are going to have to separate the panty liners into two groups: the disposable panty protectors and the reusable cloth panty protectors. 

That's right, nowadays there are cloth absorbers that supply women's needs as well as disposables. Now let's look more closely at the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Disposable Panty Liners:

disposable panty liners

Disposable panty liners prevent normal vaginal secretions from wetting the panties. They keep your skin dry and leave you feeling comfortable all day. They also absorb leakage of urine during exercise or laughter and are great when menstruation appears unexpectedly or when it is in its last days. 

It is not possible to deny the benefits of panty liners, especially during periods where there is a large flow of secretion, such as during ovulation, for example.

But unfortunately, disposable underwear protectors have many disadvantages. They generate an enormous amount of waste and are considered a major environmental problem. They are expensive, at the end of the fertile life we ​​spend a real fortune. 

But the main disadvantage of these protectors concerns health. The disposable panty protectors have plastic layers that prevent the skin from breathing and this creates a stuffy and humid environment, ideal for the proliferation of bacteria. 

These bacteria will be in contact precisely with one of the most sensitive regions of our body and most susceptible to infections.

Disposable panty liners also contain gels and other chemicals that are harmful to vaginal health. Also, the natural defense of the female body produces even more secretion when it comes into contact with unknown chemical components. 

The function of this extra secretion is to prevent possible infections. It is worth doing the test, after a few weeks without using disposable underwear protectors, the secretion decreases.

when to use panty liners

Reusable Panty Liners:

Reusable panty liners provide the same benefits as disposable panty protectors. They absorb secretions and leave you feeling comfortable all day. 

But the biggest advantage of the cloth pant protector is the fact that it does not have the disadvantages of disposables! That's right! Cloth pant protectors are made with breathable fabrics, usually cotton. 

Cotton is a hypoallergenic fabric, very absorbent, and very breathable. When the skin breathes, moisture does not accumulate and bacteria do not proliferate. Also, the cloth pant protectors are completely chemical-free, so their use does not generate an increase in vaginal discharge.

Yes, panty liners are a great alternative to disposable protectors. But that does not mean that they must be used continuously. It is important that the vaginal region breathes freely at least at certain times of the day. 

If you have intense or uncomfortable vaginal secretions, a tip is to use the panties protector during the day and sleep without it, so that the skin can breathe free of any barrier> This way you will feel comfortable and the use of your panty protector will be 100% safe.

Let us quickly check the benefits of panty liners in summary:

panty liners use

- It provides everyday protection from the unexpected period, vaginal discharge, and urine leakage.

- It possesses breathable liners.

- It is helpful to manage adult incontinence.

- Very helpful for older people as they are prone to moderate or mild leakage. However, for this, it requires a strong product.

- Panty liners are also useful for those who are in the last days of their menstrual period when they get little discharge.

If you are in search of the best panty liners, we recommend buying from LAIQA, our liners and pads are made from the best quality of absorbent materials. Also, it is bio-degradable and plastic-free.

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