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What are the effects of period sex?

Effects of Period Sex

Menstruation period is a natural process, a test of how we are physically and emotionally and, therefore, we should take it that way, normally. For many years, we have been led to believe that menstruating is something dirty, something that cannot be talked about, and that we should feel ashamed of.

Sex with menstruation should not be taboo:

It seems incredible that, with so many technological and social advances, something as basic as the monthly menstruation flow that comes out of the vulva is still an uncomfortable topic. And it is that menstruation seems to have a halo of mysticism around it that is especially observed when we talk about the possibility of having sex during period.

Period Sex Taboo

During the menstruation cycle, we have a significant number of hormones and various inflammatory processes occurring in our body, which many times can make us feel discomfort and physical discomfort. 

However, it is also true that during this time we concentrate a large amount of blood supply in the genital area which can lead to greater sensitivity and excitability. This means that whether or not we are libidinous and wanting or not having period sex will depend entirely on what our desires are and not on the absence of menstruation.

 There are many resistances to the practice of sexual relations with menstruation because the first thing that comes to mind is penetration. But let's remember that safe sex is much more than penetration and there is a whole range of sexual practices that can be performed alone and/or in the company, whether or not you have your period so, in short: Menstruation is not antagonistic to the pursuit of pleasure.

Effects of Period Sex

Effects of period sex:

Whether you choose penetration or any other practice, here are the benefits you could experience if you have sex with your period:

- Having orgasms gives us relief for menstrual cramps and headaches: This happens because the muscles of the uterus contract when having an orgasm, but then they relax and provide us with relief. In addition, our brain produces endorphins, the hormone of happiness that makes us feel good, calm, and in a better mood.

- We do not have to use lubricants, since the whole area is very wet: Remember that our menstrual flow is not only blood, but we also expel other substances that collaborate with the moistening of the vulva.

- It can reduce the number of days we menstruate since the uterine contractions of orgasm can accelerate the time it takes for the endometrium to detach.

Why is it still considered taboo today?

Because we associate the idea of ​​blood with dirt and waste when in reality, menstrual blood is the only source of blood that is not induced in a traumatic way. However, in modern society, this is the blood that is most hidden, rarely talked about, and rarely seen.

Myths about Period Sex

In this way, the first step to break with the taboo will be to make peace with our menstruation cycle, consciously understand what happens to our body and listen to it to provide the stimulation you want, when you want it and regardless of whether we have menstruation or not.

We invite you not to be prey to prejudice, to get to know your body, and allow yourself to explore its sensations, no matter what time of the month you are. 

Menstruation is a completely natural process and that is why you have to live it as such whether you want to have sex or not. Our recommendation is that you do not shy away from living an experience that could be exciting only because of old prejudices in this regard.

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