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Some menstruation myths in India

menstruation myths in India

The menstruation cycle is a subject that has historically carried countless misconceptions and myths in most cultures including India. 

That belief passed through several generations in a family, until advances in medicine and a slightly more open society allowed them to be forgotten and to become just anecdotes.

Here are some of the myths about periods in India:

- You can't cook if you're in your days: In India, when you have your period, you can't cook because you contaminate the food. Do not touch the figures of your gods because you would dishonor them. Don't use pickles because they will rot as soon as you touch them.

- Walking behind someone with their period can cause your teeth to break: In some parts of India, people believe that walking behind someone who is on a period would have dire consequences for their teeth.

menstruation myths

- Bathing with your period can make you sterile forever: Some women are told that washing their genitals when they are menstruating can cause infertility.

- If you swim with your period, the sharks will attack you: Although menstruation flow blood attracts sharks, the risk of one biting you do not increase when you have your period.

- Menstruating is dirty: This is one of the common menstruation myths in India. Girls and women who have their periods should be isolated. Menstruation is a very healthy and normal thing, but in some places, women are forced to sleep outside or in special huts to keep them separate from other people and even livestock.

- When multiple women live together or get together, they can "sync up" and have their periods at the same time: Some research indicates this is true, others show it is not. Although it is difficult to prove, there may be some truth in this myth.

old menstruation stories and myths

- Menstrual blood can kill: In some communities, it is believed that contact with a woman who has her period can be fatal to other family members.

- The rule weakens: Women and girls around the world prove every day that this myth is false. They do amazing things even when they don't have a bathroom or sanitary products to help them with their menstrual period.

- If you touch a pickle when you have your period, it will rot: It is believed that menstruating women have the power to damage or spoil food.

- There is also a belief that when you get your first period, you should jump three times in a row, or take three steps forward so that it only lasts for three days. It is impossible to decide how many days we want the menstruation to last.

- If you have sex when you are in your days, you can kill your partner: Many parts of India say that having sex during the period is unhealthy for the woman, also that it could cause the partner to die from coming into contact with blood.

menstruation myths and facts in India

Concerns and myths about menstruation change with a woman's age. The false belief that pregnancy is not possible during menstruation or that menopause causes weight gain are some of the most widespread myths in society.

The menstrual cycle still carries, to this day, a series of widespread myths among the population. According to Doctors, it is very common to resolve questions and concerns regarding menstruation age, especially among young women.

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