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Sanitary Pads : Comfort or No Comfort?

premium sanitary pads

Today you have the choice between different products - for example for strong and less strong menstrual periods.

Premium Sanitary Pads give you the necessary security during your days.

It is always advisable to buy only feather-soft, super absorbent, and biodegradable Premium Sanitary Pads.  

Absorbent and secure in place: the function of sanitary napkins:

During the menstrual period, the female body loses an average of 40 to 50 millilitres of blood. This process cannot be controlled or suppressed. As a result, the liquid must be trapped in as discreet a manner as possible.

When using tampons or menstrual cups, this already happens in the body. However, some women prefer externally applicable pads.

Very useful pads:

Premium sanitary pads are very useful during menstruation. Its characteristics make it an indispensable companion for women of any age to use it with confidence, safety, comfort, and efficiency. We will show you everything you need to know about using pads, and your menstrual phase will be much more comfortable.

period pain

During a woman's fertile period, approximately every 28 days, menstruation is how the uterus detaches from its lining and expels the remains of the unfertilized egg. This is the bleeding called menstruation.

During this period, women have several types of pads to control menstrual flow. The difference is that there are products for external or internal use.

Although they are two widely used products, there are doubts and fears about the use of premium sanitary pads.

How is a pad constructed?

Premium Sanitary Pads are comfortable products for menstrual hygiene, as we know them today, first appeared around 1890 - since then the basic structure has only been improved in detail, but not significantly modified.

The literal “core” of every sanitary pad is a layer made of absorbent material. Mostly pulp is used for this; with some products, for example from always, supplemented by a layer of a substance that binds liquid in gel form.

The cellulose is covered with a fleece layer, which is often firmly attached to the core using a surface embossing. A thin laundry protection film can be attached below the bandage.

The Premium Sanitary Pads can be fixed in the slip with a wide self-adhesive strip. Occasionally, this adhesive surface is extended laterally by “wings”, which on the one hand attach the insert to the outside of the pants and also offer additional leak protection.

What types of sanitary pads are there?

which sanitary pad is the best?

Since the period is different for each woman and the intensity, but also the daily stress can always change, there are many different variants of monthly deposits.

- Classic pads are available as simple normal: The difference lies in the length and thickness of the pulp core.

- Night pads are longer and more absorbent: This gives increased safety when lying down, especially since you cannot change the pad as regularly during sleep as during the day.

- Ultra-thin: But are not inferior to the “normal” pads in terms of absorbency: The liquid in its core is distributed evenly. Ultra sanitary pads are often only slightly thicker than a panty liner and hardly interfere with underwear.

Sometimes manufacturers add a light fragrance to their products. As an allergy sufferer, you should better avoid perfumed articles for intimate hygiene.

Characteristics of Premium Sanitary Pads:

- Sanitary pads are intimate hygiene products for external use.

- The cellulose core sucks up any liquid, adhesive strips ensure a secure fit.

- Depending on the intensity of the period and time of day, different product variants are suitable.

- Organic sanitary napkins are particularly sustainable.

period products


For most of our lives, we women live with menstruation. At approximately 12 to 50 years of age, we are looking for just one thing to be comfortable during this phase of the menstrual cycle. Would you rather stick to classic disposable pads, but should it be as environmentally friendly as possible? Then try Premium Sanitary Pads. They are made from organic cotton, a fast-growing, sustainable raw material.

If you order Premium Sanitary Pads online, you have the choice between numerous variants, all of which have the same structure, but differ in the product design.

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