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Problems girls face during periods!

problems girls face during periods

From the outside, periods sound mystic and may seem misleadingly scary. You have hundreds of thousands of eggs. You hit puberty after which, a gland that is in your brain will send a monthly message that says, "Hello, its time to release an egg!" to your ovaries. This process takes place over 450 times over a person's lifetime.

From the inside (For all women), periods don't feel as awesome, if awesome at all. For a few days every month, you will feel like different person things inside you change, both physically and emotionally there is an imbalance of some sorts. And not in a good way and that all women can assure you. Don't let these days let you feel discouraged. You can still physically do everything that you would during the other days of the month. One must essentially learn how to cater to their monthly visitor of the month. This article will help you understand problems girl face during periods.

Loss and Clots of Blood

Though your periods may differ from month to month - periods usually start off with a light flow, get heavier, then taper off over time.

On an average, women lose from about 2 to 4 tablespoons of blood within the time frame of a period. When it comes to pads or tampons, it means changing them around every 2-3 hours or more. Keep a watch on what suits you best, some women can sit on a pad till 4-5, understanding one's period is the main problem girls face during periods and that is what blogs like ours are here to help you with.

blood clotting

Small clots of blood can be undermined.  Your body gives out anticoagulants to keep the blood from coming together and clotting as it moves through our Vaginas. One must keep in mind when there is a blood bath down under, our bodies do not give it out.


To push your blood out of the uterus, the muscles contract and expand. This is the reason for the sharp ache you feel between your stomach and back.

Cramps will start before your period and will usually last throughout the bleeding process.  Camps may feel mild, like someone's giving your ovaries a solid squeeze (Just a figure of speech), it's normal. Take your pain killers, and you should be fine, but this is a problem girls face during periods and they can not really do anything to stop it, curb it, sure we can.


Be ready for a rollercoaster ride before your periods begin, your moods, eating habits, this is one of the main problems girls face during periods.

No one can help you do anything about your giddiness and emotional swings but what can help is keeping healthy, eating healthy, meditating, and also going for runs and walks when on your periods, this helps you fight the problems girls face during periods and will keep you rejuvenated and going. 

phases of menstrual cycle

Cycle Issues

Your menstrual cycle lasts for the full month, and you experience different phases during this cycle. menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase.

As we go over these phases our hormonal composition keeps re-aligning itself giving us the mood and physical changes that we never expected, women during periods have to keep a close eye on their general health, so that they do not take the cycle too lightly.

Skipping a Period

Our body is dealing with stress anxiety etc. A missed period does not mean you are pregnant. It's normal to miss your period once in a while, especially if you are dealing with stress and anxiety.

what happens when you skip a period

If you miss more than one period, and you’ve taken a pregnancy test to make sure that’s not the reason, talk to your doctor. This is where we believe periods are a problem girls face during her periods and must take full responsibility and mindfulness when dealing with them.

These are the problems girls face during periods and we would love to hear more from your end, please comment and we shall reply. We'd love to spread our knowledge and if not have the remedy at least lend an ear.

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  • sreshta on June 23, 2020

    nicely explained! PMS is a very serious problem

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