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Plastic Vs Natural Sanitary Pads!

cotton sanitary pads

Day by day the number of mouths to feed on planet earth increases, with countries that are developing contributing to the number most. Now with developing countries contributing to this number we understand that the consumption of basic necessities and products that are easily available will be more than that of luxury sustainable products. Now this brings us to a phenomena that has been haunting our planet for the last 3 decades which is the use of non biodegradable products like Plastic. Now the biggest problem with plastic is that it is very cheap because it is consumed in very very large scale, look around you most products are around you and that you use most are plastic based, so is the case with a product that you use every month and that results in a per person waste of in excess of 4000 kgs over a woman's lifetime, sanitary pads. Now in the 21st century women are given an option would you go for a sanitary pad that is cheap but results in environmental degradation or would you go for a product that is safe for you today and will help the environment tomorrow. Yes this does come at a premium but when. You are already spending 100 why not spend 150 and attain a product that is natural which means better for you and the earth that you are living on.

commercial sanitary napkin

Plastic sanitary pads have been around for ages now and to change the consumer behaviour will not be easy, the hope that we have amidst this is that cotton sanitary pads are a much healthier and environmental friendly options which would mean that consumers will not lose utility when they do make a switch, through this article we want to make clear to you the value added benefits that you will be attaining when you make the big switch from plastic to cotton sanitary pads.


 1. Plastic sanitary pads are terrible when it comes to rashes and irritation, due to the fibres being suffocative the skin is deprived of air and this results in rashes and itchiness. This rashes and itchiness are a simple indicative of how poor the quality of the napkin is that it results in rashes and itchiness. The plastic component is what leads to it, with the rashes and itchiness comes allergies, as the napkin is not made of natural fibres the skin reacts to the plastic causing allergies to skin types that cant take the plastic. Cotton sanitary pads on the other hand assure that you do not face any of the above, including not facing any of the problems above they guarantee you the softest napkin in the world, one of the main facets of cotton sanitary pads.

environmental degradation by menstrual waste

2. Plastic sanitary pads result in a wet top sheet, basically they result in a moist period, where one never really feels comfortable as they are always wet down under. Plastic as a fibre does not absorb but lets the blood flow straight to the core of the pad. The plastic at times when the blood flow is very severe retains the blood on the top-sheet resulting in a very wet and unhealthy period.

3. Plastic is one of the main reasons for environmental degradation. The maximum amount of landfills are caused by the disposal of plastic waste and sanitary napkins being 90% plastic contribute heavily to this waste. Cotton sanitary pads on the other hand have proved to be 100% biodegradable. This means a lot of the waste that results In infections as leaving open bloody pads is not the most hygienic and since they never decompose as they are made of plastic they do cause and can keep causing infectious break outs.

menstrual waste

 Cotton sanitary pads on the whole are much steady that plastic pads, this is as manufacturers know that cotton is not as sturdy as plastic due to which manufacturers have come up with a pad that is made of 7 layers, this pad is to support the cotton sanitary pads from leaking or breaking out and causing a leakage for the consumers. The 7 layer structure has given great hope to women who really care about what they use and consumers who are very environmentally conscious. It has given them an option that can suit their palate. Cotton sanitary pads is the natural path we have to take to ensure we preserve mother earth and our own bodies, we must become more aware and cautious, if a virus can take us down the way COVID 19 has then I am dead sure plastics can eat away our planet from us.

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