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Periods during COVID-19!

cotton sanitary pads

COVID-19 has us at home, we have time to make conscious decisions about the products we are using. Through this article, we urge customers to think down the lines of Quality, Durability, and effectiveness for all products they purchase. We need to identify what are the key drivers of utility for the problem we are facing for which we are purchasing the product, e.g tooth decay and breathing are kept problems due to which we purchase toothpaste, now which toothpaste should you be purchasing. We are going to explore the Feminine Hygiene Market and understand what products would suit customers best. Customers should enquire with brands for the following components in their pad so that they know they are making a conscious decision that will not benefit only themselves but the environment too.

 So to kick start we are going to list the factors you must check for in your pad, this will ensure that you are using the best products in the market.

1) Natural raw materials.

2) Toxic-Free

3) Absorbent 

4) 4 Wings 

5) Biodegradable 

natural sanitary pads

 1. Natural Raw Material

Keeping in mind that a sanitary pad should be changed every 4-6 hours we do not require to use a plastic sanitary napkin that holds your blood for 9-10 hours. You can use a natural sanitary pad which will give you a utility time of 6 hours and this is keeping with the hygiene standards that clearly say you cannot sit on a pad for more than 6 hours. This helps us point in the direction of cotton sanitary pads and bamboo sanitary pads. Cotton sanitary pads being the more durable we suggest you go ahead and try out a cotton sanitary pad this Lockdown.

2. Toxic-Free

You must watch out for fragrances, chlorine, and plastic content in your sanitary pad. All of them result in rashes and allergies. This is as all of them can only be utilized in a sanitary pad if they are chemically treated before. Thus we recommend you use cotton sanitary pads that are non-toxic and made of natural raw materials.

3. Absorbent

 A sanitary pad must absorb a minimum of 70 ml blood, the real issue is not in the absorbency but the penetration of blood from the top layers to the layers below. When people make organic sanitary pads they usually are not high in utility as the fibres cannot take the flow of blood resulting in tears. When we use cotton sanitary pads we ensure a set quality of cotton that is being used and this gives us a durable sanitary pad.

super absorbent sanitary pad

4. Wings 

A Sanitary Pad must be compact and in place, we must try and make a sanitary pad that is stuck to its place which can only be done by the wings. Conventional pads in India use 2 wings and what we recommend is that you use 4 wings. The additional 2 wings will come at the backside of the pad, a woman lies down or sits back in her chair. She feels a leak on her backside. Cotton sanitary pads do not face this issue as all of them come with 4 wings knowing that the customer requires more than just 2.

large wings sanitary pads

5. Biodegradable 

We must look at an option that is good for ourselves and the environment, with biodegradable packaging and pads being available In the market we must look into which one is also providing other essential features of a sanitary pad. Biodegradable also means that it is safe for us, this is as it has to be natural for it to be biodegradable. 

So as per us go for a natural and pad, which means Bamboo based or as per us Cotton sanitary pads.

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  • Shruti on June 06, 2020

    Chlorine can be the reason for skin cancer.

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