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best eco friendly sanitary pads

The Indian market is dominated by conventional pads, pads that are made from plastic. The plastic content in their napkins varies between 80 – 90%. In specific the brands that are making ‘conventional’ ‘plastic pads’ are your MNC brand like Whisper and Stay free. These pads are the cheapest to procure and ensure a heavy margin for the manufacturer because of which they have been ruling the markets for the last 3 decades.  The Government also has its role to play, with a lack of standard for the product sanitary pads there are no real regulations to keep the safety of the user In mind. No worries though ladies, I write this article to give you the path forward, which are the best eco friendly sanitary pads and how can I get my hands on the best eco friendly sanitary pads.

What are eco friendly Pads?

material used in eco-friendly pads

Eco-friendly sanitary pads are made of cotton or of bamboo fiber. With bamboo fiber having the attribute of being a heavy absorber they still give way when it comes to strength in comparison to the cotton sanitary pad. Cotton being a commodity much better known to manufacturers and developers of pads, we have been able to come through with cotton sanitary pads that can replace the conventional plastic sanitary pads. Eco friendly sanitary pads ensure that they are bio degradable and will not give the consumer any rashes and allergies. This is as they are made of natural fibers and replace plastic that is harsh and a low grade material in comparison to cotton, that is airy material and when in contact with skin will let it breathe. So out of the 2 options that are prevalent in the market for eco friendly pads the best eco friendly sanitary pads should be cotton based instead of bamboo based.

Why are eco friendly pads essential?

There are 2 main reasons for these pads to be considered as essentials, one that they are skin friendly and will not result in rashes and allergies and the second is that they will not have a negative effect on the environment. So now the debate lies as to whether they are at the same utility level as a plastic conventional pad. The plastic pad has been in the Indian market for the last 3 decades and genuinely holds up as much as you flow. You can sit on them for 8-10 hours and be stress free from a leakage because they use a lot of gel and to hold the gel they have the best material plastic, the strongest, and most robust. The best eco friendly sanitary pad at most will hold up to 6 hours of flow, which is actually good for you ladies as that is how long you should sit on a pad, anything more than that and you can get infections. So yes I do feel if you get the best eco friendly sanitary pad for yourself, that suits you you should be in good hands!

plastic pads effects

Since when have they been introduced?

Eco Friendly sanitary napkins came into being in the late 90’s in the United States of America with a company called Organyc being the pioneer of the eco friendly pad, taking a risk of creating a sanitary napkin that is not as absorbent as the conventional pad they went into a space unknown. They have had to build a lot of awareness over time and as new entrants keep entering the market we can expect eco friendly pads to become far more readily available world over. More so because organics and eco friendly products are on the upswing due to the educated group of consumers wanting to take the option that will not only benefit themselves but also the environment. India has been introduced to eco friendly sanitary napkin a decade back, by a brand that claims to be organic. Unfortunately unlike the USA Indian products don’t have FDA checks so they are not testing, from the many eco friendly brands in the market there are 3-4 that are legitimate and will give you a true eco friendly experience, from packaging to pad.

 Whom can I acquire them from?


We have listed the best eco friendly sanitary pads below – Please refrain from getting swindled by other brands that will mislead you.

1)      Purganics – Made of organic cotton is 100 % biodegradable and is a natural option in the market, is one of the oldest companies to come through with eco friendly napkins. Not only are the pads eco friendly but even the packaging follows suit.

2)      LAIQA – By far the softest and most usable eco friendly sanitary napkins, the napkins are 100% plastic free and are cotton based, making them absorbent and strong they are a new entrant and have taken the eco friendly word very seriously and are cutting on environmental costs from pad to last mile delivery.

3)    Organyc  – The first ever in the market, they are organic and eco friendly leaders, the only issue is that they are very very expensive, a dollar a pad !!!

4)      Carmesi – A company that thrives on its eco friendly image, is unattainable due to price but gives great content.

best eco friendly sanitary products

Now you know where to get the best sanitary pads in India so please don’t waste time and play with your health, go out there and make the right choice. Not only for yourself but the society that you live in. Remember if you convert we can always hope to convert more. The fact that you are reading this article is great enough for us to believe there is hope!

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  • Sheena on May 14, 2020

    Eco-friendly sanitary napkins are a must for sustainable development.

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