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 panty liners online

With customers not being allowed to leave their homes and clean and hygienic delivery is a necessity we see Ecommerce Platforms that have set up for groceries as well as essentials taking over the market by a storm. Having the products that are demanded as well as being able to follow the delivery norms these companies have hit a home run, making 21% of the previous 6% audience to purchase online, resulting in the customer finding a new way to acquire there product online instead of the quintessential purchasing from the kirana or offline store. The products that are really flying off the shelves are essential products that also encompass panty liners online and also sanitary pads online. So i want to guide you through the panty liners online and the sanitary pads online that can help you lead the perfect period.

The following list of companies are providing these essential products, through anytime of the year. They also make their products available on all ecommerce platforms which make the product more accessible for the consumers. These brands are mostly start ups and this is one of the industries where we have seen start-ups push the envelope to see the larger companies come to a follow suit. Below we will be listing 4 brands that are providing essentials like panty liners online and sanitary pads online.

sanitary pads online

 1) LAIQA 

 LAIQA sanitary pads and liners boost to be the softest , most absorbent, natural pad in the market. They are available on 10 different ecommerce platforms and sell panty liner online. They have a 4 SKU range in which they sell the day pad, the night pad, the panty liner and the combo pack which involves all the products combined catering perfectly to your entire period that month. 


 Carmesi looks to sell their products at a very upmarket premium rate, but stay rest assured their product is genuine and is very light and paper thin, women who are willing to change their pads every 2 hours can for sure look at this as there go to product, it is organic and natural but at the same time very flimsy because of which i did not continue to use it, They also sell panty liner online, as well as there pads, but what is the real new product they have brought through is there mark remover roll on. something that is not a complete necessity, but an interesting add to their product portfolio.

 3) Hey Day 

 They are the first entrants into this space when we talk about sanitary pads, unfortunately they never took up the space of panty liners at all. But since the entry of LAIQA they have also launched a panty liner line which is prevalent in the market since 2020 March. They have made their products available on all platforms online and offline, the issue is the product quality is not that great, it gives you a feel of an insecure panty liner as there are no wings.

panty liners online

4) The Conventional Pads

 Here we are talking about Whisper and Stayfree, they are both late entrants into the market, as they have the ability to watch the newcomers make the in roads and then through the muscle power they have they can take over the small market that has been captivated and unlocked by the new entrants like LAIQA and CARMESI. They did not sell panty liners online till 2020 when they saw the consumers were aggressively demanding the product.


Panty Liners online sell, and sell fast. Once the customer fully understands the use of a panty liner she will try and acquire it much more frequently than a sanitary pad. Entering and concurring such a market would be a key importance for newcomers as they could establish this as their forefront player. Knowing that conventional brands have crowded the space of sanitary pads.

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  • Rashmi Prabhakar on June 17, 2020

    I prefer offline shopping more where we can try and check each and everything properly.

  • Shibani on June 17, 2020

    Online shopping is way safer than traditional shopping

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