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Is PMS even real?

what is pms?

Although many women are amazed at the name, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a real condition more than 80% of the female population has presented it at some time during their reproductive life.

That excessive desire to cry for any reason, or no reason, and that in just a few minutes turns into irrepressible joy; apathy, or that unbearable fatigue as if all the body's energy were being absorbed. How many have not been surprised just a few days before the onset of menstruation flow?

And the worst thing is that it doesn't end there. If to that we add the annoying pimples that appear on that date, the unbearable headache, breast tension, or vertigo, it seems that we are living a nightmare, where waking up becomes difficult.

premenstrual syndrome

There are even those who have come to confuse it with the menstruation symptoms of pregnancy. During those 7 or 10 days before the bleeding, in some females, there are appetite disorders, cravings for sweets; fluid retention. 

That causes a phantom increase in body weight - a feeling of fullness and constipation, swelling, or localized pain in the back and joints, even overwhelming sleep or tiredness, and a decreased libido.

Changes in Hormones:

Although the cause is not completely determined, many specialists attribute these discomforts to hormonal changes. And alterations in the chemical neurotransmitters that the female body generates, and argue that it can vary from one woman to another.

In general, according to studies, almost all women suffer from some premenstrual symptoms, which can be moderate to severe. That is sometimes preventing them from assuming the common tasks of professional and personal life.

changes in hormones during PMS

It is common that after pregnancy or when you stop taking birth control pills, premenstrual symptoms appear or become more pronounced.

Although physical changes could be controlled, it is psychological stress that most affects personal relationships, especially with men, who do not understand the reason for sudden mood swings.

In response to hormonal variations, the body reacts with contradictory feelings. There are intense days of great emotional hypersensitivity. So, it is common to go from love to hate, from anger to affection, from sadness to joy, in a matter of seconds.

And what about migraines. Those extremely uncomfortable headaches make the menstruation period of agony; for them, the experts advise, as a method of relief, relaxation exercises, or taking analgesics always with a medical prescription.

Change customs:

As you can see, the premenstrual syndrome can interfere with daily activities. Hence, a healthier lifestyle, characterized by new habits and the ingestion of certain foods can make this stage less stressful.

During the days before the menstruation cycle, you should avoid consuming high amounts of foods such as meat, salt, sugar, cheese, nuts, or strong spices, as well as alcohol or caffeine.

According to research, these foods can increase the level of Estrogens that leads to the appearance of discomfort, especially in the breasts.

PMS problems

Cautious attitude:

Doctors recommend that women who suspect severely suffer from this syndrome, practice self-observation of discomfort, and follow up on the calendar for at least three months.

In this way, it will be possible to detect if the symptoms appear or not, in a cyclical way, and if they are alleviated with the arrival of menstruation since sometimes the lack of a proper diagnosis or treatment can cause an exacerbation of PMS.

By the time the woman enters the climacteric period, this precedent must be taken into account. According to specialists, it is common for women who have presented chapters of Premenstrual Syndrome in their lives to suffer menopause more acutely. And in these cases, medical intervention is necessary to alleviate disorders and discomfort.

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