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How to deal with different kinds of flow?

 best pad for heavy flow in India

Every person's menstrual cycle is different, your flow will not match that of anyone else's,you have your own cycle and lifestyle that determines the type of flow you are going to experience. If we come to generalize it, we can differentiate flows accordingly to life style, what you eat, do you have good or bad habits (alcohol, tobacco and lack of sleep can affect your cycle and periods) We through this cycle will explain the flow Indian women in general experience and what are the best product for them.

 Indian women face heavier flow than women from other parts of the world, the main reason for this is their daily diet. With the usage of oil and high carbs being a usual in every Indian household's diet, Indian women tend to bleed more. An inactive lifestyle results in more pain and a heavier flow. An inactive body + unhealthy diet results in a bloodier period. Now we are fine the way we are, and to be honest I'm not willing to change, so what products are suitable for us? What is the best pad for heavy flow in India? 

pain due to periods

 So we have identified lifestyle to be one integral part of choosing our pads, but we have not taken into consideration the climate, with super hot summers and super cold winters what sanitary pad is best for Indian women? Indian women but shift from a plastic based pad. All large companies that have flooded the market with their products are all using plastic based products, with the heat being sweating and itchy and the cold being dry and harsh, we NEED to be serving our vagina's with a softer more breathable fabric. Cotton being the number one option. As it is absorbent, comfortable and super light. Which is the best pad for heavy flow in India? Which is the softest, cotton best pad for heavy flow in India?

 There are an array of new startups in the market that are using cotton as their base. The issue here is that they are unable to make themselves prevalent over a large number of cities due to the small pockets they have. This results in them being more prevalent online, where the customer base is small but aware, giving them more of a chance to prove their value addition. The brands that are pushing the right product for Indian women are LAIQA and Heyday. Both brands have sworn by cotton and are being accepted by India women country over, with a specific size and absorbency for heavy flow pads we are sure about which is the best pad for heavy flow in India as they are the only night cotton pads.

different kinds of period flow

 So from my side I am very clear what is good for our women, take care of yourself, take care of your periods. You don't have to feel miserable when on them, learn to adapt to them and somewhere enjoy them. We make ourselves enhou lots of other things that at first we dislike or hate, periods could be the same.

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  • beena lamba on July 03, 2020

    cotton pads are the best to use, hoping for a true company which can claim their napkin is 100% organic in nature

  • Suparna on July 03, 2020

    Very interesting and informational blog !!

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